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Monday, June 20, 2011

I Have to Choose Just One?

I was listening to morning radio the other day while they were discussing a study done on marriage.  The claim was that most divorces would be avoided if a spouse would just eliminate ONE annoying habit or trait.
I started thinking about The Coach's (very few) annoying habits.

No Middle Ground - I have asked him before if he could maybe develop some mid level reactions.  Right now we get either 0 or 10.  Kill the dog?  Drop a candy bar?  It gets the same initial reaction from The Coach.  (Hypothetically speaking....we have never killed the dog to test this theory, but there was a guinea pig incident.)

Asks One Million Questions - He is a thorough person and that is a good thing.  In the process of being thorough though he asks 3,398 questions.  If I do not know the answer he asks the same question over and over worded differently as if that will make me know the answer.  Probably this wouldn't bother me so much if his son had not genetically inherited the trait.  He peppers me with a constant barrage of questions on a daily basis causing me to lose patience with questions in general.

Magazine Placement - I am not a good housekeeper and I do not care.  However I hate to have items lying around on tables and counters.  For some reason The Coach insists on fanning his Sports Illustrated out on our entry way table as if our living room were a dentist's waiting room.

I was having immense fun amusing myself, drinking my coffee, and mulling over The Coach's annoying traits when a thought slammed into my brain, "What annoying trait would The Coach want to rid me of?"
Gasp.  It occurred to me I may have annoying traits.

Morning Person - I start talking to The Coach the second he rolls out of bed and when he doesn't chatter back at me I am assume he is mad.  Maybe more annoying than the fact that I am so sparky at 5:30 am is the fact that after five years I can never remember that he will not really be awake until around 9:00 am.  Conversely I cannot usually keep my eyes open past 9:30 pm, yet I force him to go to bed with me.

Only Caring about Where the Magazines Are - Our house is not the pig sty is used to be, but The Coach would definitely like it a little cleaner. Contrastingly I am more concerned with blogging training playing with the kids and actually taking them outdoors and stuff.  I try to cover this up by having an emergency cleaning session when The Coach calls to say he is leaving the field.  I guess he doesn't notice.

After that it is probably a tie between my pajamas, bad breath, training complaints, and forgetfulness.

It is a good thing I can cook.

What annoying trait would you erase of your spouse's? 
And the more difficult question....What annoying trait would your spouse eliminate of yours?


  1. Oh the dreaded fan of SI's! haha!

    My worst trait? Saving too much crap and having piles of it, you know, slob style.

    His? when he acts like a guest in his own house.

  2. Awesome post. We ALL have annoying habits. You made me laugh about how you would rather be blogging and drinking coffee than cleaning.

    Isn't it funny, after many years of marriage we all get annoyed by our spouses and their habits? I am the cleanlier of the two of us and I still to this day get pissed off when he leaves paper towels on the counter instead of throwing them away in the garbage. Like he will ever change; I am to anal for him.

    Love your personality!

  3. Oh girl...I'm not a housewife...the house is NOT clean.

    But I can not tell you how bad it bothers me that the man will hang anything (coats, hats, whatever) on the back of a chair in the kitchen. So I put it up. He hates that Iwill leave something on the counter in the kitchen, but he can't hang something on the chair.

  4. Great post - love the honesty and lifetalk. My husband also goes from 0-10 without warning and the silliest things set him off. He's working on this, I now say to him "do you think you might be overreacting". I say it oh so nicely but he needs to know that this isn't acceptable. :)

    My DH will call me to help him with something (ie: he can't find the PAM while cooking), I'm upstairs ironing... walk down to the kitchen open the pantry and say 'you mean this bottle of PAM that sits in the same place all the time'? HA, I think he's so focused that he can't see!!

    This leaves me wondering what I do that bugs him. Not sure I want to know...

    Have a great day!

  5. His absolute inability to pick his clothes off the damn floor...grrrr

    Mine...probably my need to always be right, resulting in a battle of wits to the death.

  6. Haha...I also have a not so clean house but HATE stuff laying around on tables/counters and my fiance doesn't seem to notice that his mail or his lunch bag has been sitting on the counter for a week. :)

  7. This could have been my post. We are WAY too alike!

  8. My husband tends to be rather messy so I really don't like cleaning after him.

    One of my annoying ones is when he wakes up and turns over, reading his phone and things. For some reason it keeps me sort of awake and I want him to do that out of bed.

  9. It's a tie between constantly being interrupted OR asking a simple question about something and getting the entire history of the subject.

  10. ha! His would be:if he doesn't know the answer to something he just B.S's until it SOUNDS like he knows. Just say you dont know! :)

    and mine is probably a housework thing too. I rush around right before he comes home to clean everything up. During the day, the kiddo and I just let it go. :)

  11. My list of hubby's annoying traits is way longer than yours. As for my annoying traits? I have none. Maybe me being such an angel explains why we are still together. :-) :-) ;-)
    Now that we have that cleared, I need to sit down and start working on BOTH lists.

  12. This is a great post, Heather! I would want him to be more spontaneous (instead of over-thinking everything). He would probably like me to be less so! But mostly he'd change me from a half-empty glass to a half-full type person.

  13. Amazingly, Jason just told me the answer to this question. He is bugged that I leave my toothbrush on the side of the sink instead of putting it away. His reason? When he goes to wash his hands he is always worried he's going to get soap on my toothbrush. I kindly reminded him that we have two sinks with two soap dispensers...why not just use the other sink???

  14. He gets in this zone when he's playing computer games- I'll assume that he's watching the kids because they're in the same room as him, but in reality he's totally unaware that they are there, hanging from the chandelier.

    You know, if we had a chandelier.

    I fail at housekeeping.

  15. My hubs refuses to routinely discipline the dog or our baby. So I think I'd trade that.

    I think the trait I'd change about myself is my tone of voice. I tend to sound accusatory or naggy when I ask him to do something.

  16. Nice post! I won't even bother going into his list. It won't change a thing, but perhaps I'll give mine a look.

    We drive each other nuts, but love each other very much.

    Adding you to my list of blogs I love to read!


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