So many kids, I don't know what to do.

Friday, March 25, 2011

I Was Thinking.......................

I appear to be highly organized.
I plan my outfits for the entire week.

I plan my weekly menu and grocery shopping every Sunday with the Grocery Game.

This is an example of the itinerary I send The Coach every Monday

Monday – salmon patties
5:45 – Saige art

6:00 - Ty Student Venture

Tuesday – bbq chicken
Am bike
After school swim
4:30 get Saige
5:00 drop B and B
5:30 drop C and C

Wednesday – meatloaf and mashed potatoes
After school run

3:40 get Tanner from sectionals
4:00 get saige
Ty - track meet THS

Thursday -
Am bike
After school swim.
Ty – track meet
4:30 get saige
4:30 – Preeti and I are planning to take all kids to your game.
Kids to BG

Friday- beans
after school swim
After school run

Saturday – steak and shake
Am run
Am swim
Pick up your mom from airport

Sunday –
Am ride
Leave for spring break.

It appears that I am very organized, but really the only reason is that I do not trust myself to remember everything any other way. For instance, Today I did not check the itinerary I stayed at school grading papers and then went running.  Until Sweet Aunt called me and asked where I was.  I was supposed to pick up Saige - as I am supposed to do every Wednesday.

 Yesterday during the fifteen minute drive to the sitter's at 6:00 am Tayte asked me 26 questions.  I hadn't even had my coffee yet.

Here is a sampling of the questions Tayte will ask me at any given time.
* Are we going to the Monster Truck Jam today?
* Why isn't the sun up?
* Do you have breasts?
* Can I see your breasts?  (Yes.  It starts early.)
*  When will it be Christmas?
* What is this song about?
* Are we going to Monster Truck Jam today?
* Why does the dog have hair?
* Where is Gramma?
*  Are we going to the Monster Truck Jam tonight?

Maybe you are wondering how this relates.  Stay with me.

Those are just Tayte's questions.  Here are the other three talking kids' questions.
*What's for dinner?
*Can I go watch the volleyball game?
*What's for dinner?
*Can I drive?
*Will you take me to Academy?
*What's for dinner?
*Will you drive me around with the lawn mower so I can mow lawns to raise money for the American Cancer Society??????????????
*What's for dinner?

Here are some from my students.
*What is Hitler's last name?
*Where exactly is Oklahoma?
*Is all the stuff you teach us true?
*Does spelling count?

I can't remember the last complete thought I had uninterrupted by a question. I could maybe think of an idea for world peace if I could just think.  (Or I could remember where I left my Garmin.)

 Lately I have been getting ridiculed for things like forgetting to pick up my kids, leaving the garage door wide open when I leave the house, leaving my phone at home, losing track of time while I am running.................

Is this fair?  These thousands of questions are enough to drive me to distraction.  Is scatterbrained an accurate label for me, or would it be more fair to say I am ...................over questioned?

Have you forgotten anything important picking up your kids??
Got any better organizational ideas?


  1. Wow a weekly itinerary? I am speechless. Do you stray from it? In terms of menu if nothing else? I am so seat of the pants it is scary.
    Here's one of Thing 2's most frequent questions lately: "Mom how old will I be when you die?" Oy.

  2. I still can't get past the menu where you serve beans for dinner on Friday. yuck..... (that and mushrooms *barf*)

  3. I have a large desk calendar I write things on, but I am pretty good at remembering things. If we had kids? Forgettabout it.

  4. I've never forgotten my kids, but I only have two so maybe that helps. I have, however, forgotten a ton of other things differing in importance. I hear ya on the whole writing it down--if I don't have it down on my planner, it's not happening!

  5. Lists are important in larger families. And overquestioned is a bonafide problem. I had to ask my seven year old to not ask me any questions or say mom for at least ten minutes yesterday or my head would explode.

  6. Earlier this week a customer came into work. He's been coming around for a LONG time. He sat at my desk and I stared at my computer screen trying to find his account information. I stared and stared and finally said to the customer, "John, if I blame it on being pregnant will you not think less of me when I ask what the heck your company name is?"

    He laughed a lot. I was so embarrased.

  7. The feeling of not being organized, I think it is just being a mom. I wish I could loose track of time when i run but I always have someone in the stroller reminding me that I idn't make the turn to go back to the house.
    Love the pictures in your pevious post, looks like you have a great break!
    You also made me smile, I am happy to know I am not the only one who gets questions like that :)

  8. Holy crap, I don't know how you ever remember anything!! Those questions your little boy asks are hilarious, by the way. :)


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