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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Doodle's Saga

Remember this guinea pig?

Remember this kid? Doesn't he just look like he is about wreak havoc.

Actually he is VERY good as three year olds go. His biggest problems. He whinesand screams occasionally and he rides his sister's ride on toy too fast through the house.


About three days after we took possession of Mr. Doodles I heard Tanner upstairs say, "Who told you that you could play with Mr. Doodles?"

Apparently Tayte had managed to get the cage open and grab the poor unsuspecting pig and play with him.

Saige was in the shower.

Moments later I hear terrible screaming. Like someone is terribly hurt screaming.

I kept drying my hair.

Saige came rushing in holding a bleeding guinea pig. I told her to gear down and that some Neosporin would fix it right up. (According to Gramma Neosporin will fix everything.) Saige seemed to accept that and we went on with our lives.

Later I noticed Mr. Doodles would not put weight on that leg. Also the poor pig seemed to freak out when Tayte came near - curling up into a ball as his eyes rolled to the back of his head.

We called our good friend who is a vet. She laughed (in a very concerned way) and said she had nothing for a guinea pig. She referred us to an exotic pet vet. She warned us that walking in the door would cost 60.00, plus x-rays, treatment, and pain killers. If the leg was in fact broken this little experience could cost us 400.00. So much for a free guinea pig.

The Coach in true fashion FREAKED OUT. He mentioned (yelled) something in front of Saigie about putting the animal down if it were in pain. And although I understood he just didn't want the thing to be hurt it was BAD (BAD BAD BAD BAD) timing. Saigie freaked out. The Coach was freaking out. It was a real freak show.

I had to be the voice of reason by saying we would not hold Mr. Doodles through the weekend and then we would assess him on Monday.

By Monday Mr. Doodles was eating. He wasn't going to run a marathon any time soon though. He still couldn't put any weight on his leg. He kept it drawn up near his body.

Saigie thought we will still take it to the vet, so I had to tell her he seemed fine and we weren't.

She lost it. "He is a living human being and...................Ok......Well he is a living creature and he deserves to have two.....ok........four legs!"

I asked her if she had the money.

That would be no.

Fast forward to now. (Don't you wish I had done that a long time ago?)Mr. Doodles seems fine. His leg improves every week. In fact he seems normal now. He doesn't run and hide the minute we walk in Saigie's room. He makes happy noises. He still curls up into a ball and rolls his eyes back into his head whenever he hears Tayte's voice.

By the way. I did ask Tayte what he did to hurt Mr. Doodles and he said, "I fro him."

(Translation - I throw him.)

He is barred from Saigie's room for the rest of his life.

Saigie still loves him though.


  1. What is it about boys and their 'tough love' for animals? Reminds me of my son tossing his cats. They seem to survive it better than your guinea pig though. Poor Mr Doodle. I am glad he is OK.

  2. Even though guinea pigs, and hamsters and mice and anything rodenty makes me shudder, I'm so glad Mr. Doodle is getting better.

    I wouldn't have taken him to the vet either. And if I attempted to, my husband would have probably laid down in front of the door to prevent it.

    I loved that you kept on blow drying your hair. I would have to.

  3. Good call on staying far away from the exotic vet. We did that with a lizard that eventually died. Lots of money spent. Glad he is doing better!

  4. I can't help but laugh at this story. Is that bad of me? THanks for sharing--it reinforces my stand against my children in their quest for pets!

  5. Oh my goodness. What a story!! The poor Guinea Pig.

    Our dog tore her ACL a month or so ago. We were looking at a $1,000 surgery. We declined and thankfully, she is getting better. Our fear was that the other knee would tear and then we'd have to put her down because she wouldn't be able to walk or to have surgery on both legs. We gambled, and we won.

  6. "I fro him." That could be a quote of the week.

    Good that he is walking better. You chose wisely.

  7. Oh, poor Doodles. :( Glad he's feeling better. We only have fish for fear of such trauma (actually, that's all we can have, we're renting) but they occasionally have to dodge falling objects as my 2 y.o. likes them to have things to swim with. Good thing we don't have a Doodle... do guinea pigs swim?


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