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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Will Not Blog....

.....Before I Slog.

Through all of this crap on my desk.  There are three weeks left of school and I am falling apart.  I can barely see the kids over the piles of crud on my desk.
We have TAKS tested, EOC tested, AP tested. 
I have seriously been tested!
And finals are next!

I just wanted to publicly resolve not to blog before I collate and staple finals, find scantrons, sharpen pencils, and update my gradebook.

Except I had to tell you.

1. We will be celebrating Doodles one year birthday this week. Seriously.  Saige made up invitations and everything for the guinea pig!
2. I went to the bike shop to see about new bike fit/saddle because my butt is killing me.  The bike guy made some adjustments and then said, "You may want to consider a seat with a larger surface area."  Just what do you think he was trying to imply?
3. The Coach is out of the playoffs and his re-entry into civilian life has been less than smooth! 
4. Tayte actually kicked the ball at soccer on Saturday.
5. I took Tanner to the doctor to get a diagnosis for his motor skills problems. Tanner got embarassed when I described his messy eating and said, "Well unlike you I don't have to be reminded to put on pants!"  Lovely time explaining THAT to the doctor- I had been wearing a swimsuit in the car.  (Also for reasons I am not sure of Tanner insisted on being called "Jorge" the whole time we were there.)

Because it is seems to be getting close to rerun season on tv. I thought I would link back to some previous entertaining posts. (At least in my mind.)

Really this was all a plea for distraction.  Please don't make me grade all this stuff!!


  1. the end is near, hang in there!
    Happy birthday to your little one! Big Milestone!
    and pretty funny about needing a bigger seat! that totally cracks me up!

  2. Don't you love when your kids or say things infront of the Dr. and you just want to stick your head in the sand...

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    Hope you have a great week.

  5. I'm a pathetic blog commenter. So sorry for not reading closely like I should...always! This will be the last time that I only read the first few sentences of each point. ha ha...your guinea pig. And here I was thinking that Doodles was a nickname for a kid of yours. Please forgive my careless deserve more!! And thanks for the e-mail so you saved me from looking like a major ASS

  6. Hey. Dear Readers,
    No problem if you mistook Doodles for one of my kids. I can't remember who is who, why should ya'll? I went back and edited to be more clear. As alway, Thanks for stopping by!

  7. I always needed one of those seats that was a big as Saturn. With lots and lots of padding.

  8. If he would have have suggested that I needed one with more surface area, I would have asked them if those kind were located next to the giant cans of shutthehellup.


  9. I think if Tanner was my kid he would have NEEDED the doctor about then! :)

  10. You are a liar, you will be blogging before slogging......

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  13. Good luck with your end of the year busy-ness!

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