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Monday, June 28, 2010

How to Talk to a 2 Year Old

Recently I went for a car ride with Tayte. He talked and talked and talked. Here is the last third of that conversation.

Tayte: Hey Mom.
Me: What?
T: The stroller goes right there?
Me: Yes
(Repeat six times)

Tayte: Hey Mom.
Me: Tayte, what do you want!?
Tayte: Hey Mom. You holler at me.
Me: Baby you talk a lot. Can you please be quiet?
Tayte: Yes Mom.
Tayte: I'll be quiet
Tayte: Hey Mom. I'll be quiet.
Tayte: Hey Mom. I'll be quiet.
Me: Thank you, Tayte.
Tayte: I'll be quiet. My Shaye Baby sleeping.
Tayte: Her sleeping.
Me: Ok.
Tayte: I say, "Shhhhhhhhh"
Me. Ok.
Tayte: Not, "Hush."
Me: Ok.
Tayte: Not, "Shut up."
Me: Thank you.
Tayte: Daddy tell me, "Shut up."
Me: I know.
Tayte: Him say, "Shut up."
Me: I can't imagine why.
Tayte: I go to church.
Tayte: Look, water.
Tayte: Hey Mom. The stroller goes right there.

Seriously. This kid is adorable and I love him dearly. I cannot believe at one point I didn't ever think he would talk. I am thinking of taking him back to the doctor now to see if he is ever going to stop.

I am also considering buying stock in Tylenol.

(Also I will say this before any of my "in person" friends get the chance too - I can't imagine where he gets it!)


  1. Laughing my head off because my 2 year old is the same way! She is speech delayed and in speech therapy, but it seems like now the words she DOES say get repeated all day long!! I hate to tell her to be quiet as it has taken this long to get her to talk, but SERIOUSLY!!

    My 4 year old likes to tell me where the storller goes too! :)

    You have very cute kiddos!

  2. Is there truly a way to speak to a 2 year old? I think we listen, laugh, and love them for their unique look at life. They're just awesome!

  3. funny!! my 2 y.o. is the SAME way. we are not allowed to have any conversation in the car that does not involve her because SHHHHHHH movie on. sweetart trying to HEAR the movie and you're talking. MOMMY SUSH! HUSH! SHHHHH! NOOOO! Sometimes I think my ears might start bleeding when all three talk constantly from the time they wake up til the time they go to sleep ... and two of them talk IN their sleep. LOL Thanks for sharing your story!!

  4. The her/she mix up always kills me. My nephews said taht forever. We still use it too...

  5. I have had that same conversation more times than I can count.

  6. lol sounds a lot like the convos B and I have on the regular LOL

  7. There used to be a point in my day, when all my girls were little, that I would say, "Everyone must stop talking now!" I would ban talking for an hour because that was as much as their little selves could take before they exploded from all the talky talk dying to come out.

    Seriously great post.

  8. This is how my wife talks to me.

  9. that is too funny. i have a 4 year old that i am all the time asking 'what' and then saying 'okay, can we just enjoy the ride please'. my hubby wonders how i can 'block' them out, he doesn't realize that constant chatter almost become like white noise :)- love it!

  10. I had to laugh at this completely because I had flashbacks of my head almost exploding from the same type of thing!

  11. Sounds exactly like conversations with my 3 year old, lol


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