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Friday, January 14, 2011


Thanks Ms. Tuna, and Amanda at Runninghood for the Stylish Blogger Award.
I have been meaning to get to this for a short while, but I was overwhelmed by the part where I pick blogs to award.  How would I choose?  I couldn't decide.  But I here I go....manning up.

1.  Make a post + Link back to the person who awarded you this award.
2.  Share 7 things about yourself.
3.  Award 10 recently discovered great bloggers
4.  Contact these bloggers and tell them they’ve won!

 Seven things about ME?  (I am sorry if you already know these things. I am just not that exciting.)

1. I am allergic to everything.  Every tree, grass, mold, and mildew in Texas, roaches, cats, dogs, carrots, bananas, nuts, and latex.  (And rubber boots.) I always have Kleenex in every pocket, or in my sleeve, or in the waistband of my pants. I take allergy shots.  I also have chronic sinus infections.   (But I am now cured of asthma!)  I grew up thinking my name was, "Snotdrop".  (I am glamorous aren't I?)

2. I have had the same besties since middle school. P$ and Sarge (and Jen..not pictured because she became a hippy and moved to Austin.)   Little did P$ know when I borrowed a dime from her in the sixth grade she would be stuck with me for the rest of forever.  We went on to be college roommates.  I don't have sisters, so I don't know if they are "like" sisters.  I imagine they are even better.

                                  (Is that a glass of wine or what?) (Notice the tissue in my hand.)

3. I am a little on the clumsy side.  I constantly trip over things that are not there and I always have inexplicable bruises.  I have fallen down the stairs and I am not longer allowed to use the electric hedge trimmer because of the time I sliced my index finger in half and had to drive myself to the ER.  I was a gymnast until 8th grade and my parents were baffled as to how I do all that gymnastics, but I wouldn't walk across the living room without injuring myself.

4.  I have lost four followers this week.  Although I do not lose sleep over this I am curious as to the reason.  Did I insult them? Did they join a cult?  Did they injure their fingers in a paralyzing farm accident and can no longer blog?  Do they hate me? 

5.  I can shoot a bow (compound) and reload shotgun shells.  I cannot crochet or garden- and I give up trying.  It isn't that I can't do girly things.  I can. I can cook. 

6. I was a diver in high school.  I wasn't great, but I was good enough.  I could some neat dives.  Now  I try and dive to impress the kids. I splat every time.  The kids are rarely impressed. Then I am sore.  It seems to take me the first trip to the pool every summer to figure this out. 

7.  And finally ....Do not judge me.  I haven't been to the dentist in over twelve years.  I have  many reasons, but I am sure none of them are going to pass muster with all you consentious types so I will just not bother.  I am not afraid of the dentist.  Just using a leave well enough alone attitude since nothing hurts and I spend most of my time trying to cure my allergies and birthing babies. A goal is to go this summer.

Wow.  I am not very exciting.

And now to pass this on to some new blogs I have discovered lately.  ( I read many awesome blogs, but the directions said these are fairly new to me.)
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  1. Congrats on your award! :o) Nice to know you better too. I lost some followers this week. Here's my's January and everyone is 'cleaning house' which includes their blog readers. That's what I keep telling myself. LOL

  2. Wow, thanks for the award. The only kind I pass on to others is Smut awards, but I do appreciate it.

    And I only go to the dentist when my teeth feel like they are going to fall out.

  3. My experience with follower loss is they hit the road as soon as a giveaway ends. c'est la vie.
    #7 I totally understand and would never judge!

  4. I finally went to the dentist last year after a wait of 13 years. NO Cavities! But then the dumba$$ cracked my tooth because he said he had to replace an old filling. That there was nothing wrong with. Until he touched it. As stupid as it sounds, I went so that if I die in a fiery car crash, they can now identify me from dental records. Now I can wait another 13 years!

  5. COngrats on the award!
    I love the picture of you: you are so darn pretty! And ya, that's quite the glass of wine!

  6. Oops I just gave you this VERY award today! I'm a twit. But super congrats! I like #4. I DO obsess over lost followers. Why do bad things happen to good people!?!? (Joke)

  7. I always wonder when I lose a follower! Trust me, it wasn't me.

    I think it's so cool that you've had the same best friends for so long. :)

    And HOW did you get cured of asthma? I have it really bad.


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