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Friday, November 5, 2010

The Shakes - Illustrated Story

 I have been racking my alleged brain trying to think of a new marker story.  I was hoping for one that didn't involve a bloody injury.
Here is was I had.  ( I think calling it an "Illustrated Story" may have been overselling it a bit.)

 Ok.  I may have cried.  Just a little.

 17?  Who lets their kids go off to college at 17?

 Maybe we weren't so adult after all.  (Maybe I am still not.)

Maybe she uses a pillow and shuts her eyes now.  She is probably tired.  She has adorable twins!

I blame the pixie stix for not being able to find my very first college class.  Archery.  I didn't cry as I wandered the campus in the 110 degree heat.  Ok.  I did.  Just a little.

(Preeti is my best friend since the sixth grade.  We met when I borrowed a dime from her.  Since then there has only been a few years where we didn't live within a couple of miles of each other.  I have tried to write about her several times, but there just doesn't seem to be words to express her awesomeness.  Obviously she is a kind hearted soul.....she stuck with me through those glasses!)

What can you never eat again?  Ever.

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  1. There's a sandwich shop here that I can't ever eat again. I happen to have a sub from there and then almost immediately after was struck with a stomach bug. Heaving the undigested sandwich back up turned me off forever!

  2. I can pretty much eat anything. DH says my stomach must be lined with steel, as nothing seems to bother it. I did go a spell (when pregnant with each child) where I couldn't eat chicken. Actually, I couldn't even walk by it in the grocery without gagging. Thankfully, the hormones have re-grouped and chicken is back on the menu at our house. Happy Friday! :o)

  3. I can't think of anything, but my husband won't eat Whoppers. We made milk shakes out of them once and the Whoppers failed to distribute through the shake leaving this sludge at the bottom. My husband ate all of that (can't waste it) and for the rest of the day, he um, well he made smells that were just like Whoppers.

    He says it's for me that he doesn't eat them anymore!

  4. LOL...those glasses! I had some pink Lucy know from Peanuts. Man I loved those things!

  5. Great story... love the illustrations! I can't eat bread sticks from the Olive Garden. When I was pregnant with my first child my husband brought some home for me because he felt bad that I had to work and couldn't go out with him and his sister. When I got home from work I ate them cold and they tasted so good. Not too long later I had never been so sick. It's been almost 7 years and I haven't been to the Olive Garden since, which is too bad because they make really good breadsticks.

  6. Aww yes Texas and heat!

    My Hubby and R are also addicted to bacon. Hubby for years would only eat bacon for breakfast, ewww. I wasn't too happy when I found he also got our toddler addicted to it.

  7. I love your marker stories. :)

    Too funny about the pixie sticks. I once ate so many sour patch kids that I burnt my tongue- no taste buds for a day. Though, I guess I still eat them...just not as much.

  8. Haha, how creative! My mom had a pair of very similar glasses (and I think still does). Anyway we called them her Sally Jessie's too! How funny! Thanks for coming by today! Hope to see you around again!

  9. Love you Heather... I am so honored to have a whole entry in your fabulous blog...
    My life would have been such an absolute bore without my Sammy Hagar hair having friend!!
    I heart ya to pieces!

  10. Haha, I always love these drawings.

    And I love Pixie Stix.

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    Please follow back, I would greatly appreciate it!
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