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Friday, December 3, 2010

Decorating My Way

My last post was all about decorating artistically like my mom.
You may remember I am NOT an artist.  Proof.
(Take that as a warning!)

Since we are in the new house I had to find new places for our decor items.  I so proudly thought hanging wreaths on the banister was clever and original until I saw it on a hardware store ad.  Also my falling down the stairs while hanging it distracted from the cleverness.  Before I was even done tumbling The Coach bellowed, "Were you doing something stupid on the stairs?"  I swear I was just standing there.  Luckily the baby gate broke my momentum before I hit the hardwood.  I still had fantastic bruise on my bootier (That's French.)  I offered to show my family and all of the participants of the Turkey Dash, but I had no takers.  Scrooges.

These used to sit on my mantel, but since we have a honking TV there now courtesy of the last decor fight The Coach will ever win, I had to put them somewhere else.  On top of the fridge.  Doesn't everyone decorate the top of their fridge?

 All the characters in this nativity scene are looking around like, "What?  It wasn't me.  I didn't see anything."  Nice try.  I know one of them knows what happened to the Shepard's lamb.  It didn't just walk away by itself. (Mom would probably rearrange this so all the figures are looking at Baby Jesus.  Duh.)

Here are all our stockings.  I had to have my mom help me make them because I can never find seven different, but similar stockings at the store.  I wish I could say I now know how to make stockings, but I don't.  Also why would I even need to remember how to make stockings when my mom already knows?

These fish are permanent decor, but I added the hats which I think are hilarious.  So does Tayte.  Wasn't it nice of The Coach to haul the ladder out and humor me with this?

I purchased this so it isn't exactly creative or crafty, but I like it.  As a bonus my mom had some of the same type stuff she bought last year and I stole it took her up on her offer to let me have it.  I really like the "Believe" piece, but it's not just because I believed in Santa forever and cried when my mom told me the truth.  (Ok.  That IS why I like it.) wrap up decorating my way includes:
1. Bodily injury
2. Lost livestock
3. Sharing a sense of humor with a three year old.
4. Possibly traumatic childhood memories.

Top that, Mom.

If you are following from the hops please let me know so I can visit you.   Don't let my disrespect to my mom scare you.  


  1. I love the fish wearing hats, I actually laughed out loud when I saw them and my three year old heard and had to come check it out and she laughed too.

  2. Everything looks great! I especially like the stars.

    Thanks for visiting my blog; I'm now following you!

    Make sure to come back soon, so you can participate in my giveaways. Some end on Sunday and have low entries.

  3. Love the fish wearing hats! And our Nativity had a hotwheels car where Baby Jesus should be...
    Oh and you can get pesto in a jar :)

  4. OH, you can't prove that you are not artistic by me...very artistic indeed! ;)

  5. your last line about your mom.. too funny.

    I'm following you now, thanks for visiting my mantel display..


  6. WOW!!!!!! Everything LOOKS AMAZING!!!!!! I love the hats on the fish....... ps.. i love the disrespect for youer mom thing.. im thinking.. o jesus i hope they dont read the crap I write about my ps i love the wreath idea

  7. Decorating your way sounds so much more exciting than what I'm used to. Maybe I should give it a try?

  8. 3 year olds have a fine sense of humor! Your house looks lovely. Sounds like something my husband would ask about doing "something dumb" on the stairs. Hope your bruises are better soon!

  9. Love your decorations! And your blog! Glad to find it through Laurie...hope to catch up soon. :)

  10. It looks wonderful! I'm visiting from the blog hop! I'm your newest follower & would love a follow back - thanks!
    Have a wonderful day!
    Musings From a Stay At Home Mom

  11. I'm impressed, you have all your holiday ducks in a row, I'm tired just looking at it. Maybe I'll just run over to Starbucks now and get holiday coffee and be done with it.

  12. The nativity scene cracked me up...your mom is going to ground you forever. that my guess. :)

  13. Fish wearing hats?!?! Brilliant. Running out immediately to find little fish statues.

  14. LOVE the fish. Clearly, your 3 year old has a rocking sense of humor. I really like the colors in your house, too.

    I had your same theory of mom, but on cooking not stockings. Since cooking comes up a bit more frequently than making stockings, I'd say you picked the better skill to avoid.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Nice to meet you! :)

  15. Well now, it seems we have something in common, we both seem to hurt ourselves. I don't do stairs well. That's why my bedroom is on the ground floor. If it weren't I'd have to sleep in the garage. I go upstairs as little as possible...the mess proves it!

  16. Oh come now, I think you did a great job!...and just for the record, bootier is NOT french...nice try though :)
    You just make me smile from start to finish though....sorry about your baby gate...

  17. Wow. I feel totally inefficient. I put up a tree. That's it... The stocking are folded under the tree, not hung, the light up gingerbread house is sitting on the counter... in the box...

  18. LOL! I can picture this all going down!

    (PS-I hate GFC..says I wasn't following you when I KNOW I was...)

    Anyway--I LOVE LOVE LOVE that blue color on your walls..and all of your deco ideas are too cute!

    Keep it up!

  19. I think that Jesus would be proud.

    Thanks for the visit. I promise NOT to sneak a review up on you, unless it's of the Mario Lopez show and how much he makes me want to hurt baby unicorns.

  20. I love the star basket. Very festive and different!

  21. We are missing live stock too. And a Wise Man too! I guess he wandered off. Our stockings are all mismatched and mine is the biggest and the only one without a name on it. HA! I can't decorate the top of my fridge. To much crap on it. LOL


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