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Friday, January 14, 2011

Role Reversal

From time to time we bribe one of the older children to get up early on Saturday morning and play with the babies so The Coach and I can sleep till a decent hour.  (Like past 7:00AM.)
Of course we wake up to a big fat mess, and sometimes mysterious photos.

1. Looks like someone got the baby strung out on chocolate Pop Tarts.
2. It also looks like someone touched my camera.  I own TWO things no one is to touch under any circumstances.  My camera and my bike.

Saige has managed to rack up a pretty substantial sum of money for her services.  (For a 9 year old.)  Sweet Aunt asked her the other day what she was going to do with all that money on their way home from school.  She replied she was going to buy me a present.

How sweet is that?

I know what she wants to get me.  I mentioned a "cruiser" type bike I want to ride around the neighborhood with the kids.  The road bike is not working for this.  I have to clip in and out every time they need help and I am eventually going to crash.

It is so thoughtful of her to think of me. And also to remember something I mentioned.  Something that would enable us to spend time together.   I would like to think in some way she learned this by example from me and especially my mom and The Coach.  Mostly it is just her natural sweet self though.  BUT.  I don't want her to spend her money on me.  I don't know how to stop her though without discouraging her generous little spirit.  Maybe I could secretly enlist the help of The Coach.

Any other ideas?


  1. Oh, that is the SWEETEST thing I've ever heard! I know what you mean, though. Our son was saving his hard earned cash (he doesn't have a regular form of income - no allowance - just b-day $) for an electronic device. At Christmas, he spent $60 on a Christmas gift for my hubby - a microchip for hubby's GPS! This was truly a gift of love...our son only had $75 to his name. I think he spent the rest on other gifts for the fam. It took him all year to save the $ & I think he just saw that and had to do it. My heart sank, because - really??? But, you know - that was really sweet...and the sentiment was good. It was his teenage way of telling my hubby that he really appreciated all he does for him...and it was right after hunting season when my hubby spent a lot of time with him.
    So, I would just let her. I think it's a worthy expression of generosity. When she looks back - I mean, what kid can say that she bought her mom a BIKE???? That's a pretty big brag!

  2. she is sooooo good..... awww i want to sleep past 7 too!!! lol


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