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Friday, July 16, 2010

Future Home Decorating and Giveaway

I am not posting about the usual child antics, triathlon happenings, or strange, but true stories today. Instead Lucky Blog Reader you get the opportunity to weigh in on the color scheme of my future home. (Only 12 more days!!) I am already leaning towards one, but I wanted some opinions anyway. My last house leaned toward browns and bluish-greens. I want something different, but bright. Just so you know these are the schemes for my kitchen, living room, entryway, and dining room which are all sort of connected.

~ Choice 1

It's different. Bright. I don't know which of these colors would be a good color for living room walls.

~ Choice 2
My mom who is a great decorator says peach and red are going to popular soon. I think it may be popular, but not so popular everyone does it. What do you think?

~ Choice 3

I like this, but it isn't much different from my last house. I just don't know.

~ Choice 4

I like this. That first color is peachier than it shows here. It's more pastel than bright though. But I feel like rooms could painted these colors without being too garish.

~ Choice 5

This is the same as Choice 2 except the red-ish color is different. How would a bright red-ish entryway look?

I put up a poll at the top left of my blog. I thought I was so clever, but now I realize it is very hard to see. Oh...tough it out and vote anyway. I need help here.

If you are stopping by from the hops feel free to vote too. What the heck, huh?

I decided to give away something else since it was so fun last time. In the spirit of painting I am going to give away a $20.00 gift certificate to Home Depot.

To Enter:

*Be a follower.

*Tell me what colors you would want your house to be.

(You can stick both of these in one comment. )

- Comments must be in by Sunday at midnight.

- I will choose and post a winner on Monday.

Everyone have a great day and a great weekend.

Here's the hops!! (Excuse the lack of buttons, but they aren't saved on this computer.)


  1. I like the last one!

    I am a follower - and I love blues - you could probably tell that if you saw my house - my couch is blue, my kitchen is a pale blue, my bedroom is a gray/blue... LOL

  2. Can I pick 2? I like # 3 and #4....

  3. I am a new follower from Follow Me, Chickadee. I love that you are considering red. It's my favorite color! One day when we get out of this apartment I hope to have at least a red wall in our house. It's going to be tough to convince the hubby though!

  4. Okay...I voted but I'm not sure it worked! I pick #3 or #4...but I would lean towards #4. Hooray to be back from vacation so I can actually read blogs and comment! :)

  5. Great blog! I'm a new follower via Friendly Friday Follow...I have some GREAT tutorials on my stop on by
    I must say I like #4 oh wait! I think #4...but how FUN to paint! I'm allergic to white walls and have every room in my house painted! I think I have a before and after tutorial and we used a very dark brown that turned out beautiful
    Have a good weekend!


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