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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Plans, Baby!

The Coach and I have plans.
We are going to Waco!! The fact that we are super excited about this may say something about our current limbo status in the world.
There has been a definite lack of alone time caused by us being squatters this summer. It's hard to leave your kids when you squatting!

I am participating in a triathlon in Waco. My mom said she would watch the kids so we are going to stay the whole weekend and visit Baylor, and...................................

(The excitement builds.............)

The Dr. Pepper Museum!! I can't wait. I love museums of any type. I am sure it will prove to be exciting and educational.

I am a tad worried about the triathlon since my cycling has been lackluster lately. It is just like the olden days in school where I would concentrate on one subject and then I would turn around and be struggling to make the grade in another. (I made that all up. I was mediocre at all the subjects.) The ride I went on today nearly ended in death. I don't know why others felt the need to mow their lawns today. (I am allergic to grass...well basically all things green.) I also don't know why people insisted on speeding down the highway I was trying to train on. Hmph.
I did get some even dorkier tan lines than I had before though!
I have been trying to lose a little weight and do things to increase my speed in the running portion. I am anxious to see if either of these things will have any affect.

Sorry if I got you all excited about possibly robbing the house we don't live in soon but it is not this weekend. You will have to wait longer for Dr. Pepper info and for a race report.


  1. The way you get faster on the run is by spending more time on the bike. Go dorky tan lines!

    Enjoy your alone time.

  2. Good luck with the Tri....I am sure that you will be fine! I love museums too! Take lots of pictures to post in your blog:)

  3. my bil's are in waco i dont know what part though lol! good luck on the triathlon :)

  4. Amazing! Good for you! A great way to stay young...even if it is a lot of work to get there!!

  5. Good luck for the triathlon! And I'm jealous about the museum- be sure to buy some cool souvenirs to show off.

  6. P.S. Did I ever tell you that I love the picture of Shay Baby you have to the right? I want to pinch her cheeks so bad... what a beautiful baby.


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