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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Improvements and Scaring the Neighbor People

Hi. Happy Saturday.
I am so excited. My running, well actually all my workouts have been El Sucko lately and I have been really discouraged. The Coach reminded the other day that always happens when I try to lift weights during the season. So I didn't lift this week and things have been much better. I swam 1500 yards yesterday. I think that is nearly a mile. I ran 6.4 miles today. Not bad for a chick who started running SIX whole minutes at a time.
There was a good reason I had even resumed lifting during season, but more on that another day when I am ready to publically humiliate myself in pictures.

Here's the part where I scared the neighbor. I had seen this woman in our new neighborhood walking her dog and such. She is usually wearing work out clothing and looks pretty fit, so I wondered if she ran or did triathlon, or something. As I was driving home from swimming Friday morning I saw her throwing a frisbee to her dog in the green belt. Impulsively I threw the car in park in the middle of the street and hopped out of the car hollering, "Hi. I am new here! Do you work out? You look like are a runner. Do you ever think of having a partner? You look fast. You are probably faster than me."
I think she was quite taken aback. She did have some good suggestions of where to run. She used to ride, but no longer and had some good route ideas for that too. It turns out she is a teacher as well. I awkwardly tried to wrap up the conversation without making her commit to running with me, but she seemed willing. She finally answered my speed questions by saying she runs, "medium". I don't know what that means, but she looks really fast!
She probably called the mental hospital when she got home and asked if there had been any escapees. But gotta make friends in a new nieghborhood somehow, right?

Reminder to go sign up for the giveaway in my last post. You can also weigh in on color choices for my new house. My mom and I had so much fun finding decor items yesterday. My favorite was a big metal fish on a stick. So fun.

Thanks for listening. Have a great weekend.


  1. Good job on the training and running! I did 5 miles today and that was my long run for this week! :)

  2. I'm majorly impressed by your dedication to your workout regimen! I've wimped out on water walking ... but I have been sick for a while!

  3. She'll probably end up as one of your best running buddies...and friends.
    Good for you on 6 plus miles too!

  4. LOL - I am so shy around people that I don't already know, that when the curiosity gets the best of me, I know I come across as a crazy outgoing person who asks a lot of questions, ha ha!

    I am glad you met her and I hope you guys end up being able to run "medium" together! :)


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