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Monday, December 6, 2010

Week In, Week Out

Part I - I wrote this part Sunday morning and called it a day.

I was thinking today - in the disjointed thoughts, because I never actually get to have a complete one.    I was thinking my blog doesn't always reflect exactly what is going on in my life because I mostly write posts on the weekends.  Currently I am questioning that idea as I have two babies right up under me.  One is wailing about an injury which occurred over fifteen minutes ago.  (I ran out of sympathy at the five minute mark.) The other one is tearing paper towels into itty bitty bits.  She's eating some of them....less for me to clean up I guess.  (How considerate of her.)

Last week I posted about decorating which I actually did the week of Thanksgiving.  So it seemed like we were just rolling along here decorating, singing carols, and drinking cocoa, but in reality a horrible stomach virus had hit the babies.  I was up with them two nights with no sleep and spent two days home from work knee deep in puke.  I made it back to work and got one night of sleep before Saigie and The Coach succumbed.

After missing that much school I am now neck deep in Civil War essays and 1920's projects.  The Coach would be glad to help me out, but is coaching and has been ALL WEEKEND.  As as result of all this you may or may not see the following posts on my blog next week: I Will Never Eat Spaghetti Again, I Do/Don't Want a Jogging Stroller, The Life of a Coach's Wife, "Why is the baby crying NOW!!!!!?"  And my favorite: "WHY MUST SHAYE PLAY WITH CAT LITTER?"

I should be grading the essays now instead of typing this, but I can't because I have to actually concentrate to assess the crap genius my students write.  Stopping to get drinks, wipe butts, and clean up cat litter does not lend itself to concentration.

I been out of bed for five and a half hours.  I haven't run, haven't graded, haven't cleaned.  I have eaten junk as stress relief.  I have done nothing productive.  I called The Coach with such self pity he just came to take Tayte to the next game of the baseball tournament with him.    I have also written this crappy post.

Some good advice would be a practical thing to ask for, but instead I would like to know this.........Is it too early to start drinking?

(Ok.  I am going to adopt a better attitude and start being more productive.....................NOW!)

Part II - After some grading had been done, groceries had been bought and miles had been run.  Basically after order was restored to my world - I returned to add the following.

Here are some of the conversations The Coach and I had today.

I called The Coach to tell him I was sorry for the meltdown and to thank him for taking Tayte.
He replied - "I was glad to do it Honey.  He had a great time at the game."

I told him I didn't feel like cooking and we were having sandwiches for dinner.
He replied - "That sounds great.  I was hoping we were having sandwiches!"

I informed him I ran seven miles.
He replied - "You are awesome Babe.  No one works harder than you."
I began to get suspicious.  He usually asks something snarky like, "Did you win?"

So I did a test.
I said, "I went over the budget on groceries today."  (He is VERY budget conscious.)
He said, "That's fine Sweetheart.  Did you get every thing you need?  Thanks for doing the shopping."

I tried again - "I am going to go take an hour long bath and leave you in here with the babies.  They are cranky.  And sticky.
Him - "Ok.  Want me to pour you some wine"

And the last straw..
Me- "I would like to watch repeats of the 1987 Ice Capades tonight and I want you to watch it with me.
Him - "I can hardly wait."

Then I realized his body hasn't been taken over by aliens.  It's the DARN APP.  He knows I have PMS, so he is just agreeing to everything I say!
So I told him, "You don't have to act like I am a dangerous crazy woman just because of PMS.  I don't need to be plagiarized, patricided, patronized!"
Him - "Of course I don't Beautiful.  Want some chocolate?"



  1. PMS actually stand for.....Punish My Spouse.

  2. Awwwww sweety!!!! I hate hate hate stomach viruses... I had to laugh... That APP//////lol!!!!!! and@ Mrs. Tuna... I thought it meant Pack my!! hugs my friend !!!!!!!hugs!!!!!!

  3. He is a man among men. Very few of them figure out this lesson!

  4. Your husband is brilliant. He should be cloned.

    IMHO, it's never to early to start drinking. If we were allowed margaritas at school, I'd be thinner because then I wouldn't need to use chocolate as a crutch.

  5. I would have PMS all of the time if it made my husband that agreeable!

  6. I think he needs to give my husband lessons.


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