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Friday, September 17, 2010

Twilight is Real

Blood suckers.

I am not talking about vampires who annoy me. (Really it was the girl character in the book that had me wanting to poke my eye out with a spoon.)

I am talking about mosquitos.

BIG ONES. They have stripes. And luggage.

I have lived here, in Houston, nearly my whole life and I have NEVER experienced the size or the multitude of mosquitoes as I have lately.

For the second time this week I tried to do Forced Family Fun in the form of a mile walk. The first time it was a half mile slapping sprint as soon as we realized this was no mild swarm of insects.
Today we didn't even make it that far.

Poor Tayte. A mosquito will fly across a Wal-mart parking lot and skip seven other perfectly juicy people to bite him. He is covered.

Shaye was so heart broken when I swatted a humming bird size one that was draining her dry from her big toe. I guess she thought I was hitting her. Poor girl.

So when we got home we had Forced Family Fun in the form of putting Benedryl cream on each other. Tayte got a whole tube to himself.

Enjoy your hopping today!!
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  1. Wait a second, it is almost fall. There ought to be no mosquitoes past Labor Day. I hate them with a passion but for some reason they love me. I remember walks with my mom in a forest. I would get 20-30 bites and she not even one.

  2. we've got blood suckers here in Texas too! funny post :) Hopefully they'll go away SOON!

  3. I can certainly relate!. On labor Day, I was sitting on a park bench, visiting with my daughter. in the space of about 15 minutes, I had killed 3 mosquitoes that had landed on my legs. I did not realize until the next day that I had 23 bites on ONE leg. Those nasty critters love me!!!
    I have been a prodigal blogger, but am now back to it. Please come visit me @

  4. Poor you! They do seem to be getting bigger and bolder, don't they? I read that if you rub a Citronella plant across your skin, they'll stay away. Hoping to find that plant when I run errands this weekend. If not, I'll be purchasing more Calamine. ;o) Happy friday!Larri at SeamsInspired

  5. oh dear...that is awful. I have really bad reactions to mosquito I am glad they haven't been bad here.
    Hope everyone feels better...

  6. The mosquitos are awful in MN, too!! EEekk!!
    New follower!

    Dawn@ Mom-a-Logues

  7. Some people do just taste good to them! And vice versa. I have a friend who must taste like chopped liver and onions or something, because i'll come home looking like a braile edition of war and peace and she's as smooth as silk. I'm borrowing her blood the next time we go hiking.

  8. I really hate mosquitos. With lots of bugs I can justify that they serve some sort of purpose but do mosquitos do anything besides torment and spread diseases? Yuck.

  9. oh no! I get the mosquito love too, my family is safe whenever I'm around!

  10. I was laughing when I read "Forced Family Fun" - but oh how true it is!! I was out for a run today at the state park near my house and a mosquito landed on my shoulder...I shouldn't complain b/c you obviously have a billion more then my 1, and quadrupled in size to boot, but I live in Colorado, where we haven't had rain in like 5 years, why o why did the one in the entire state have to find me??!!

    Your blog is a lot of fun; I look forward to reading more :)


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