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Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Swim

I love to swim. I love water.

I always have.

Whenever I am in a stressful situation I usually start thinking about diving into a cool pool of water and just gliding along. Well....I think about that and wine.

I swam as much as I could growing up. I was on the diving team all throughout high school. I took every water course possible in college, water safety, swimming, lifeguarding, deep water lifeguarding, scuba.

The day the pool opens is an exciting day for me. I am always trying to talk someone into heading to the pool.

As part of trathlons the swim doesn't exactly frighten me. I float like a cork. I am not scared of drowning. (Unless I do another wave start with men.)

Seeing the distance laid out end to end like it is though does make me anxious. You can tell by looking at my heart rate monitor.

That being said.

I am beginning to grow weary of my swim training.

It's long.

And it seems even longer.

No music, no scenery, no one to talk to.

There isn't even some stranger walking their dog who refuses to wave at me.

I am alone.

All there is - is a black line.

The same black line.

Minute after minute.

Lap after lap.

For an hour.

At first there is relief. The pure silence of being under water.

I concentrate on form. Head down. Chest pressed to the floor of the pool. Butt level.

Then I practice breathing while looking ahead.

After a whlie I start experimenting with different ways to count laps.

Then I lose count of the laps.

I start mentally writing blogs.

Sing songs in my head.

Pray for the family whose son drowned in this pool two years ago and get sad.

Talk to the black line. "Hey Line. How are you today. You are looking very polished. Seen anything interesting today?"

What do you do?

(In case you were wondering there are about 72 sentence fragments in this post. And in case you are wondering I do have an English degree.)


  1. I haven't been swimming much lately but what used to keep my mind off the boredom was boring counting of laps. I would repeat lap number in my head with every stroke. I guess it was like some sort of meditation.

  2. You're too funny. I usually drown out lap swim tedium with a mixture of singing the same stanza of some song I don't really know over and over and counting laps/strokes/breaths... lots and lots of counting... until my head is swimming... ha ha

  3. When swimiing recently i just do drills the whole time. High elbows, long stroke etc. It's the only way i can get myself to swim for over an hour i just get kind of lost and in that lostness i find I am swimming rather fast and annoying all the people at the gym pool who really can't swim, but like to pretend they can.

  4. I don't swim laps, that's my solution :-) My solution when I grow tired of working out is to buy new workout clothes. Maybe you could buy a new bathing suit? Or go to a pool where there some "eye candy"?

  5. That actually sounds like a nice break.

  6. This reminds me...I need to start swimming laps again. There are always so many thoughts rolling around this head of mine...I keep myself very sounds like you do, too! ;)
    Maybe it's a good time to do Scripture memorization (if you're into that) or poetry memorization or something like that. What a great way to brush up...or recite,'d only be able to add a line or two each day, but I'll bet you'd get a whole lotta memorizing done in a season!


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