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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Forced Family Fun

It is Thursday. Time to wax poetic about what is Happiness this week. Ok. I am not so poetic, but I am happy. Join in with MannLand5 and share your happiness.

1. Last week I read two from two bloggers who worked in more mileage by taking family walks. One of them was Sticky Fingers and I can't remember the other one. I am sorry.

So last week I started the Forced Fun Family Walk after dinner and it has met mixed reviews. Saigie, Tayte and Shaye Baby love it. (Well Shaye Baby can't say otherwise, but she doesn't cry so I am going to say she loves it.)

The Coach, Ty and Tan Man are considerably less enthusiastic. It's all an act. They are just trying to look cool. The Coach also said when I post this picture he wants it known his tumbler is full of Tom Collins. Ty is embarassed when ALL of us walk together and likes to go to a remote locale.

2. Next I am joyful that we are moving to this house. It is amazing how fast they build. It must be nice to have a job where you can see progress. I think my students' heads should grow when they learn something. That would really keep me motivated.

3. I am so stinking happy that today is the last day of school!! Granted I do have to come back next week for summer school, but I am the lead teacher and that will be a nice change of pace not to have students.
4. My appreciation of shoes is well known, so check these out. My first clip in cycling shoes. I got a new bike to go with them. More (alot more) on that tomorrow. Now I am going to have to do something desperate like..get faster.

5. And finally...Happiness is coconut pie. My mom made me one when we went there Tuesday night. It was delicious. Even if Tayte ate one bite and declared, "I don't wike pie." I have no picture of the pie, because I ate it.

***** Bonus - Lastly I want to say thanks for all your comments and follows. That definitely makes me happy. It's almost like visiting with adults which is a total surprise since I never thought anyone would read this blog anyway. Well not willingly, I force a couple of people. I will keep trying to figure out how to reply to comments either in the comment section, or via email.

Tune in tomorrow for an epic post. You will want to eat your Wheaties. It got a tad lengthy.


  1. Family walk...what a great idea. The photo is so cute- your family looks adorable on their walk. The dog and baby especially seem to be enjoying their time in fresh air.

  2. I love the phrase Forced Family Fun!

    Our last day of school is June 24th. That seems SO FAR away. I'm jealous that you guys are done.

  3. ya know I may just to have to steal your idea of Forced Family Fun walks. I am sure the rest of the family will warm up to it.

    Have a great Memorial Day weekend.

  4. I bet ya, I still beat your lengthiest one!

    And as for me, I come here because you make me smile with your fabulous writing, your great wit, and your oftentimes poignant posts. So there.

    And I agree, happiness is coconut pie. Actually, any pie.

    And the house looks fabulous!

  5. I love it! Forced Family Fun!! Definately going to try out the family walks too.... Your house looks amazing. Can't wait to hear the progress on moving in...Have a Blessed 3 day weekend!

  6. I LOVE that idea of family walks!!! There are times we have all gone to the track and walked/ran together, and it feels so good!!

    And it's so weird because I hate coconut, but I love coconut pie!! LOL

  7. What a great looking crew you have and I love your new house!!
    We have one more week of school here and the elementary kids have a school picnic on the last day which parents and grandparents attend. Always fun. Now we need to get our pool opened up so we can keep the grkids busy all summer:)

  8. So fun! love the family walk :)

  9. Ah, they may grumble, but I think secretly they like the forced family time :)

    And I wanna try some of that Coconut pie...any chance of it making it to Utah. :)


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