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Saturday, September 18, 2010

It Finally Happened.

Nope. I didn't wreck on my bike.

I went for a ride today and noticed fifteen minutes in that i had forgotten my phone, but no worries the breeze sure felt good in my hair. My hair? I had forgotten my helmet too!! Then I looked down and noticed I had on two different socks!! I decide to make the lap and head home to get it. Quiet like so no one would notice.

As I was passing the "bail out" point I decided to just keep going. Who needs a phone and a helmet anyway? Shees. I was doing a short ride. It wasn't as if I were planning on riding out to the boonies.

About ten minutes after that I hit a hole. Busted my tire. Nice. I took off my shoes and started walking down the feeder road back to the bail out point. It is a mile from my house and there is a truck stop there. Yes. I live by a truck stop. Wanna make something of it?

Many cyclist passed by and I refused help from them. (I didn't want to interrupted THEIR training.) Several guys in pickups asked me if they could help, but I knew exactly the reaction I would get from coach if I showed up at home in a stranger's truck. Oddly enough two different W______ County Sheriff's cruisers passed me by without a glance. (Thanks guys, I guess you only notice me when I am rolling a stop sign ON MY OWN STREET. While I am at it - Thanks for pulling me over IN MY DRIVEWAY where The Coach was sure to notice.)

A nice guy dropping off a load of chips at the truck stop let me use his phone. I was embarrassed when I caught him staring at my socks.

Soon The Coach pulled up. He smiled and asked, "Where's your phone?" I didn't feel like that needed an answer. Besides I was busy trying to look like I was wearing a helmet. I think I succeeded.

The Coach was nice enough to drop the bike at the shop. They can fix the tube and the chain that fell off during the pushing. While he was there The Coach bought me a new computer. (Mine was busted in the Waco Bike Rack Debacle of 2010.)

To Do List
Buy tire tube.
Learn to change tire tube.
Find phone.

(Dear Mom, This story is all a lie. I never forget my phone or my helmet and I always wear matching socks.)


  1. But you were wearing clean underwear, right? ;o) Glad you're okay. Happy Saturday! Larri at Seams Inspired

  2. Dear Heather, you make me laugh right out loud. "Dear Mom, This story is all a lie!" Your poor mother. :)

  3. I don't want to laugh at you, but this is a funny story.

  4. LOL!1 awww sweety... taht sucks.. Thats why im always scared not to have my phone... but at least you had an adventure...... lol1!! glad u r ok!!!!

  5. LOL'ing at the "Dear Mom" disclaimer.


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