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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Day

No. School did not start today, or even this week, or last. We are into our third week now, but I was so entertained by everyone else's first day of school pics that I had to post mine too. It is our tradition to take pictures the first day of school. Preferably standing by the number of the grade the child is entering....what with my tendency to leave my camera set on 2007 and all. This makes it easier to keep track.
The boys will no longer allow me to take their picture in public, but I can always count on Saigie to play along.

I also took a picture of her with her teacher. Saigie is almost as tall as she is, but I didn't know if it was ok to put unsuspecting victims on your blog.

Here is Ty all ready for his first day of high school. Tear. Can you see why I suspect some recessive "hick genes" in his make up?

Do you remember your first day of high school? Ty admitted to me the night before that he was, "nervous." Poor guy. Not only was he attending high school, but it was a NEW high school. He wasn't going to have his friends there he had been attending school with since kindergarten.
I am glad to say he survived. Two weeks in he seems to be doing fine and making friends.

Here is Tan Man. Look out 7th grade.
Well maybe look out as soon as he wakes up.

I think this kid needs a few more freckles.

We had that first bus incident. I wrote about it here. Since then he has had only one incident. His bus came early (and it was a different number) leaving him stranded. His cell was it always he borrowed a phone, in the dark, from a construction worker working on houses in our neighborhood. A construction worker he didn't know. He told them his bus had left him and his parents were gone. Genius.

Luckily the worker was nice (like most people) and even ran after him when I called the number back. Kind Aunt came to the rescue. (Sorry Kind Aunt for calling you so early!)

I couldn't get their pictures together as this year they attend three different schools. Yikes. Our drop off/pick up schedule is a little hectic, but I am sure we will get in a groove soon with the much appreciated help of the same Kind Aunt. (Boy is she ever sorry she moved here from Kansas?)

Because I have been looking through some old pictures if there aren't clothes to wash, and papers to grade....I'll leave with you this. It was 2008. (Despite the date stamp.) Saigie was in the second grade and Tanner was in the fifth. Ty had already left for middle school that day.

I just can't believe STILL how much they change in a couple of years.

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