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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Epic Comeback

Other possible titles for this post.......

My New Best Friend and Running Pod'ner

A Story With Too Many ( )

Thanks so much for all the encouragement and training advice. I did take all your advice from all you seasoned athletes. I took the weekend off. Heck, I was doing such a good job I went ahead and took Monday off as well. (The weather was a factor.) (So was beer.)

Mainly it helped remind me that "planned" rest is important and guilt free. If I had done the 50% reduction that was in my tri plan last week this all could have been avoided. Lesson learned.

I got up this morning ready to roll with my new running shoes. I decided to plan a run I could conquer so I decided to run five miles. I just wanted to experience success again.

I was up most of the night due to The Coach. It seems he has some kind of stomach ailment. (That guy really isn't cut out to live in this region. That is for a separate post.) But I went ahead and got up at 4:20 to start the run.

I tried to convince myself it was a nice morning, but with 99% humidity it was a hard sell. I had an easy warm up and a good first three miles. At mile four I noticed the LARGE shadow of a critter way too near me. I looked over and saw a dog and nearly had a heart attack. I wish I had my heart rate monitor on me. I am sure it would have read like 500.

Partly my fear was due to the fact that I got chased by a LARGE, FAST, RAVENOUS, RABID dog last week on my bike. I didn't blog about it because my mom reads this and I didn't want her to worry. (I guess now I might as well write a post about that too.)

During this dog attack I squeezed my ipod so hard it may never be the same. Then I realized the dog was small and benign and continued running. So did he.

He didn't even seem to mind the street lamp sprints. (This is my running invention where I sprint from one street lamp to the other and then run tempo to the next one and so on. Actually when I started running that is how I eventually built up to eight minutes of non stop running. I would run from one street lamp to the other and then walk one.....and so on.) The little brindle puppy with a curly tail followed me for about two miles. At one point we came upon a lady who walks her German Shepard in the morning. (She refuses to wave at me. Really lady. I don't have a hatchet hidden in my jogging bra. I am not trying to lure you over for a 4:30 social call and then serial murder you.) I panicked cuz I figured she was going to get on to me since my dog wasn't on a leash. Then I remembered - not my dog. When I started to cool down he ran about four feet in front of me and kept staring at me like, "Come on already."

When I got home he followed me up to the porch. I told him to stay. He seemed insulted. I went in the house to get a drink and get ready for work. The dog stayed on the porch. And barked. And howled. Loudly. Like the world was coming to an end. I wouldn't have thought such a little dog could be so loud. I am new to this neighborhood. People don't know the dog is not mine. I am sure they were happy with this at 5:30 am. I decided to ignore the dog and go on with my life. I showered and dressed and took all my crap out to the car. Whew. He was gone. I went in to get the babies and heard him again. Louder. Went back out to put the babies in the car and didn't see him.

I hope he found his way back home. The Coach will be awfully confused when awakes to an upset puppy on the porch. (Also we will own a new puppy if he comes across it. He is a sucker for a pet.)

It turns out Lance Armstrong congratulated me for running a new best mile. 9:42. Thanks Lance. I ran much better. My body hurt much less. Again thanks for you advice.
This afternoon I planned a swim. (Love to swim, dreading swimming. Again another post. That's 3) However if The Coach is still sick and would like someone (me) to come home and nurse him back to health I will. (Also I may have to run off a puppy...I mean...put up FOUND signs...after an Ag. meeting, two football practice pickups, dinner, and grading - of course.)

(Didn't get enough of this story? Luckily for you it is continued tomorrow. Try not to lose any sleep while you wait!)

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  1. Glad to see your epic fail was turned around. Looking forward to the continuation...


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