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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hi Ho, Hi Ho

It's back to school I go.

I am not expecting any sympathy because I did have two whole months away from grading papers and entertaining adult sized children. BUT this summer seems to have gone by awfully quickly.

I have mixed feelings about going back to work though. On the one hand summer is over and I am going to have to get up get dressed every morning, but on the other hand I won't have to hear, "Mooooooooooom, he/she.......
hit me."
took my fruit roll up."
threw my guinea pig."
made the cat bite me."
won't let me use the computer to look at porn illicitly."
called me poop face."
prays to long."
broke my scooter."
broke the PS3."
broke my glasses."

Those last three are part of Tan Man's path of complete destruction. He has managed in one summer to break his bike, my old bike, the PS3. (Salami may have been involed. I have yet to get or understand the full story.) He has lost his cell phone and his skateboard. (New trick that apparently sends it right down the gutter.) One day after we got a brand new kitchen table he put a pan of soup right off the stove directly on it. ARGHHHHHH. I love this kid, but he is WEARING ME OUT!! He needs school. He needs structure. He needs meds!!

This next part is not his fault, but it is worth noting. He grew out of every single article of clothing he owned except for ONE pair of pants! But instead of mentioning that none of his clothes fit he just walked around with his zipper down. When I would ask him to zip his pants he would say ok and then walk off. I didn't realize till August he COULDN'T zip his pants. He didn't tell me because he hates to shop for clothes that much.

So on that front I am ready to return to work.

On the other hand. I ordered about twelve books to read this summer on my content area, U.S. History. I didn't finish any of them. I gave up and started reading Fudgemania which was lent to me by Saigie. I didn't finish that either. What is wrong with me? I usually go to the library weekly in the summer and read about a book a day. I think I read five books total this summer. I didn't finish Eat, Pray, Love. I didn't finish and Bill Bryson book which I thought was hilarious at the start.
I also didn't drink enough wine. I am just saying.

So, here I am. Back at work. I should be planning a brilliant lesson for my AP U.S. History class. Or even following through on my brilliant idea for a APUSH blog, but instead I am..........

It just became suddenly clear to me why I didn't finish more than five books.

Support Group?


  1. Happy back to school day! Tan Man's shopping avoidance is hilarious to me. I could see my son doing something like that when he gets older. I haven't been able to read many books this summer either... hmmm maybe a support group is in order. :)

  2. But isn't reading blogs/writing blogs kind of like reading??? I used to read books ALL THE TIME...good ones would only take a few hours to read. Now I've been reading the same book for over a week and it's only got 383 pages. Blogging is such an addiction!

  3. good luck, have a great school year! summer goes by way too quickly! I know where my time went too! right here! I think I'm suppose to be doing something, but now I forget what!

  4. Sorry to hear about the lack of wine. I just discovered that I actually like "Oyster Bay" Sauvignon Blanc, from New Zealand. I'll drink for you, or you could try to catch up. :)

  5. Yep, blogging sure has impacted my reading too. This summer I read maybe 10 books and didn't get any projects accomplished--- but I blogged! I got over ebay madness wonder if I'll get over blog madness...

  6. ill be a part of your group.. i start back to school on the 1st and im with you..I swear we must live the same im dying to hear more about the salami though...xoxoxo

  7. We are starting school on Wednesday. We are all ready for routine in our lives. Hope you are off to a great start!


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