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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What the Heck????

I saw this scene the other day and I happened to have my camera in the car so I snapped a picture.

Does anything about this seem weird? Other than me taking a picture of a stranger and putting in on my blog without their permission, I mean.

This is a homeless man. He is sitting at an intersection popular with homeless people. I guess popular isn't the right word. I mean, I am sure they aren't having a grand ol time or anything. There are just often homeless people at this intersection.

Tanner and I once handed out sack lunches at this location when he was assigned to do something nice and write about it for language arts. Tanner thinks the homeless people are attracted to this corner because of the nearby Waffle House. Tanner thinks homeless people like Waffle House. One day I should put his essay up on my blog. It is hilarious.

I digress.

Do the two boxes of cake mixes seem out of place here?? Or is it just me?

Did he buy them?

Did someone give them to him? Is someone else going to give him eggs? Oil? An Easy Bake Oven?

I am so confused.

I was contemplating asking him after I snapped the picture, but the light turned green.

I wish him luck.

Please share your theory with me.

This situation keeps me up at night.

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  1. That is pretty messed up if someone gave them to him. I mean, how the heck is gonna make them? Its like a tease. I dunno, but I thought you meant the whole adult male having a lollipop I didn't even see the cake mixes. LOL

  2. Why would someone give this man this? Sometimes I wonder about people! Following you from Follow Me Tuesday, i invite you to come visit & follow back! <><

  3. Interesting picture for sure! Apparently the person who gave them to him wasn't the brightest crayon in the box! I'm a new follower from Follow Me Back Tuesday. I hope you come and check out Mom2ZQB.

  4. Hello I am a new follower from TT. I would love a follow back at

  5. This is a great picture, sad really, these boxes are like opportunity he cannot take advantage of. How telling.

  6. That's pretty random. I mean, you've gotta feel kind of bad for the person who may have given them to him. They probably meant well. Or, maybe he isn't homeless at all and just stopped to take a break?

  7. WEIRD...RIGHT??????? Almost comical... But yet Sick if someone gave him them..... HUGS!!!

  8. I'm your newest follower! I saw the UT sweatshirt and had to follow. I'm a mom to seven in Austin, so it spoke to my heart.

  9. New follower Here! Thanks so much!

  10. Hmmm, that's interesting. You'll notice that he's also got a lollipop... maybe he has a super sweet tooth and the cakes taste just as good too him right out of the box. I'l have to admit, I've been known to eat a lump or two of the chocolate powder when I use a box mix...

    Still sad though. :(

  11. It would keep me up at night too...

    Maybe it's his birthday and he just wanted the cake mixes. When my mom was pregnant with me she ate cake mixes and Jello-dry...maybe that's what he likes too???

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  13. I'm your newest follower from FMBT Tuesday and I invite you to be mine.

  14. I think someone gave him the food...maybe it is their way of insuring they have something to eat VS giving them money to possibly spend on booze? just a thought...but if he is homeless he would have no way of baking the cakey goodness so that is kinda a sick joke as well....shoot i dont have an answer! LOL

    stopping by from FMBT and am your newest follower

  15. Hi, I'm a new follower. It is so very nice to visit your blog.


  16. loving your blog! i'm your newest follower :)


  17. i have eaten dry cake mix (ok i was pregnant) and it isnt too bad. maybe?

  18. The cake mixes were the first things I noticed! What the heck!

  19. Maybe it's his birthday? Bliggity Blog Hoppin' I'm now following you hope you'll return the favor! Hope you had a great labor day weekend JaMonkey!

  20. My husband will sometimes want a cake and I don't feel like making one. He will find a cake mix in the cupboard and add water and eat it like that.
    Maybe he is waiting for some water. You know,
    like raw cookie dough.
    I will follow your blog. I think I like your sense of humor. Follow mine. I would like you to.


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