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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Strange Grocery Store Happenings #2

For the first Strange Grocery Store Happening go here.

I have about ten of those reusable grocery sacks and it never fails I forget to take them to the grocery store. Finally I read a post by someone. (I am sorry I don' t remember who. If it was you let me know!) They said they remembered to take them to the store by keeping the bags in the car. Good Idea.

So I stuck mine in there and when I went to the grocery store I actually remembered them. Brilliant.

I was feeling so environmental, and domestic and just all around smart.

So I shop and check out and go to the car. I didn't realize it because I was busy yelling at kids while I was checking out, but the checker whose Rhodes Scholarship is probably in the mail, wrapped my groceries in regular plastic ozone killing bags, and then put those into the reusuable ones.



(He probably screws up the unprotected left turn too!!)


  1. bahaha kinda kills the point of the reusable ones huh!!

  2. LOL! I'm thinking he needs a tutorial of some kind.

  3. That's hysterical! BTW ... we keep ours in the car too! Well ... it's actually a pickup truck and I store them behind the seat! :)

  4. LOL....I forget mine too and their in the trunk. funny story.

  5. Now that is classic! Nothing like defeating the purpose!

  6. wow. the brilliance of checkers always amazes me. especially when they pack canned goods and a carton of eggs in the same bag. genius.


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