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Friday, April 23, 2010

Crazy Grocery Store Happenings

First off, I must clear things up. My husband was not in any way, shape, or form cheating on me. Except for food cheating.

A little while back I was at a grocery store I don't really enjoy. They have a MILLION cool things there, but it is just too much for my short attention span to handle.....(what am I writing about again? Oh yeah.) I was in a hurry and I was frustrated when I got in line to check out behind a woman who was writing a check. (A check is a piece of paper people in the olden days would fill out with a pen in order to pay for items.)

I didn't even know they still made checks. Of course my own checkbook is on my ten most lost items list.

So she finished painstakingly filling out her check and handed it to the cashier. The cashier was probably a high school student and she couldn't find her pen. (Side note - writing instruments and teens are like opposing magnets..they actually repel from each other. I have seen it a million times in class.) So the cashier asked the slow check writer if she could borrow her pen. Here is how the exchange went.

Cashier: I can't find my pen ma'am. May I use yours?

Slow Check Writer : I would rather you didn't.

C: (Shocked and confused.) I don't know where my pen went can I see yours?

SCW: (Nervously) I don't want you to use my pen because then it will have germs on it.

C: ....................O..........k............... (Then proceeds to try to borrow a pen from someone else.)

Seriously, that is what the lady said. She didn't even qualify that it wasn't the cashier's germs specifically she thought were filthy. She just quickly shoved her pen in her purse and looked frightened by the whole exchange. I realize I am rather cavalier about germs and I tried to forgive her slow check use, obviously a person with a germ phobia...I mean concern, wouldn't want to touch money. Still, the cashier had just touched each and every single one of that woman's food items. I would think the germ exchange was already complete. So you judge this exchange. Hilarious? or Justified?

I was late picking the kids up, but it gave me some blog material.

Well tomorrow is the big day. I am headed to Galveston tonight with Young Dr. A. It will be the first time I have done a triathlon since the Shaye Baby Surprise. It will also be the longest I have left the babies. They are being left in the care of Mia and Papa though and I am sure they will be better than fine.


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  4. Wow that is a little strange and I can kind of understand about germs (my son had a stroke from E.coli posioning) but even after that I still lend my pens to people. Anyway following from Friday Follow. Have a great weekend.

  5. I thought my mother was the only person in the world still writing checks. The only time I fill out a check is to pay our babysitter if I don't have cash on me. Following you from the Friday Follow!

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  9. freaking hilarious! love people who don't make the least bit of sense and live in their own little worlds. who touched the cart before she did (or the basket) ... how many people touched her loaf of bread or bananas before she did. LOL following you from this week's friday follow. have a wonderful weekend!

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