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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

More Decor, Less Danger

 Two posts in one week.  Woo hoo.

After only a year in this house I finally got around to decorating Tanner's room.  The problem was that Tanner wanted to pick his own theme and I was stifled by that kind of request.  He wanted ocean/fishing theme.  Everything I found fishing was too country and the beach type stuff was too girly. 

But finally I painted the wall making a God awful mess in the process and then I called Mom over to do the tough stuff.  She brought her friend Carol.  They used to decorate together before Carol moved.  Basically they decorated anything that would stand still long enough.  If their bossing and giggling can be tolerated they do great work!!
First they taped the wall. 

Then they painted it.  They may have also requested I quit taking pictures of their butts.  See?  I told you they were bossy.

 The finished wall looked like this.  Well it isn't quite finished.  The fish needs an eye.  Details.

While they were doing that I was basically screwing up everything else in the room and hammering many holes int he wall.  Then I would whine until they came and fixed it.  This picture of Tanner and his record setting trout is what prompted this whole decor idea.

That is one huge trout at 29 inches long

 These curtains I designed myself.  We found that rod for a whole two dollars. We weren't sure what we would use it for, but at that price we had to buy it. I can't believe we didn't get two or three. Then I stuck that net over it and stuck some fishing lures in it and called it  a day.  (Then it fell down and mom and Carol had to fix it. )

The babies were quite upset that we hung up their toy, but they got over it.

I feel like I should go upstairs and take a picture of the room now finished and cleaned, but on the way up there a million thing would happen and I would not get to come down here and post the pic until later and then I would have lost the opportunity to post two such quality items in one week.

I am definitely lowering my standards.  How about you??
Last home dec project I am hoping to complkete before school starts is painting the guest bathroom.  That shouldn't take too long or make too much of a mess.  Right?


  1. Wow, it looks great! Love the paint job.

  2. Looks great!


  3. I like it! And yes, I want to see a finished picture. I plan on painting myself some today, but just on a canvas to hang on the wall.. well if my baby naps and cooperates that is.

  4. they do good work! would love to finished pic though. in the midst of redecorating or bathroom too. took my cell phone to Rona to snap pics of the tile I want. not sure who was lease impressed, the saleslady (what? I can't arrange the tiles on the store floor so hubby will know exactly what I want? other wives don't do that?)....or hubby when I downloaded all 18 pics off my cell.

  5. The project looks great! I wish I had a paint crew like you do.

  6. Can you please send your mom & Carol to my house? I promise I won't take any hiney pictures and I could realllly use the help! We've been in our house a little over 2 years and my boys' room is still the boring neutral/old lady peach that it was when we bought it. Ick.

  7. Super cute.

    We've been here for a year now and I've yet to decorate. I'm a slacker.

  8. Very impressive. It looks so complete! I am in awe. I love that he came up with his own theme, even though it's more restrictive for you.

    You, and all your help, did a great job.

  9. Holy crap this is too cool!! I hope you lower your standards because you're making us all look bad Heather!

  10. I love the curtain! Very nice! I want to do a seashore theme in our main bathroom and I may just copy you...

  11. That is an awesome room - very cool and something he won't grow out of for a long time! Love that eye-less fish! :)

  12. I'm lucky if I can paint my walls "for sale white".


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