So many kids, I don't know what to do.

Monday, August 1, 2011


Ok.  I did not go on another cruise.
I got an i-phone and I got addicted to Angry Birds.

Ok.  That is not true either. (Only partly true.)

I have been training hard.
And I have been napping hard.

These things have cut into my blogging time.

The fact that my sweet Tan Man turned 13 in July and got a Facebook has not helped.  It is hard to blog with a teenage boy breathing down your neck and asking when you are going to be finished.

Here is what is on tap  for the next for weeks.
- start the babies at a new day care.
- pull together three different kids' birthday parties.  (Really would it kill Shaye and Tayte to share a party?  Seriously I am asking for your opinion of shared parties.)
-go back to work.
- back to school shop for the kids.
- buy a wetsuit for Vermont.  I am actually in the process of e-baying one as I write this.  I will let you know how it turns out.
- cheer Saigie on at her first triathlon.
- potty train Shaye.
- complete the Bridgeland Sprint Triathlon

I am going to try to blog every day this week and read blogs every day this week. Cuz I am all about goals.

Do you have any suggestions for must have apps I need for my i-phone?


  1. I have a Droid. I definitely think you should get the Ask The Hoff app. It's like a Magic 8 ball!

  2. I just got an iPhone over the weekend! Still figuring the app thing out.
    Wow busy August on tap! What else is new right? Glad to hear at least you've been napping!

  3. It kills me that it's nearly time to back to school shop!

    I would totally want to have them share a party, but like you, I probably wouldn't actually do it.

  4. I'm doing a shared party for my two boys this year because their birthdays are about a 10 days apart. But one is turning 3 and the other is turning at this age they don't really care. Or have a say in the party planning. When they get older they may not want it and I suppose I won't force it on them....

  5. I know the feeling...I have to kick my 6 year old (yes, 6!!) off the Lego Star Wars site so I can do my post each morning. Can't wait for September!

  6. For some reason I am struggling to blog as well. Good luck with potty training and the new daycare. I hated the adjustment phases.

    Good luck prepping for your race. I went running with my nine year old (i.e. training for football) and he kicked my butt! I suck!

  7. Where the heck did this summer go?

    I have to potty train my youngest. Before school starts.

    My youngest 2 have shared their birthday parties so far. I just can't do two that are only two weeks apart.

    I love instagram on my phone to play with pics.


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