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Monday, May 9, 2011

Tri-Girl Super Sprint

Sunday  I ran a super sprint tri.  Basically it is a very short triathlon.  I had posted my goal the other day as 53:00:00.  Did I make it??  Stay tuned.

We got up at the butt crack of dawn as usual.  Saige got to come along as well as The Coach's folks who have been visiting for a couple of weeks.  Mia (The Coach's Mom) took pictures which was nice because when I got the camera back I actually had pictures of the race instead of other women's boobs and port-a-potties.

Here is Saige and I messing around before the race.  Actually I am messing around and she is trying to pretend she doesn't know me.

The water was cold, but at 200 meters the swim was not long enough to mess with a wetsuit.  I am just slightly in second in this picture.  We started from land which I had never done before.  My plan was to start at the outside and then cut over in front of everyone there by missing the "scrum" of swimmers.  Had I executed that plan I would have been good, but instead I swam about 30 meters then made a hard left into that densely packed group of gals.  The getting run over and under definitely slowed me down.
Swim 6:07.5

 I put the swim behind me and headed off on the bike.  I concentrated on focusing and riding faster than 18.0 mph.  Not too many people from my age group passed me.
Bike 25:19 (19mph)

 When I got off the bike I saw The Coach and he hollered, "You better run if you are going to make it!"  I started thinking that maybe my swim was worse than I thought.  My plan was to run fast no matter how much it hurt.  It was only two miles.  I figured I gave birth to five kids I could do this.

When I ran past the coach toward the finished he looked shocked.  Later he told me, "I thought I had two more minutes to wait for you and then my mom said you were coming around the corner".

Run 18:10:04  (Let's take a minute to enjoy that.)

I have never run faster than a ten minute mile in a race.  Actually I haven't even run close to a ten minute mile.

Look how hard core I am.  I was even injured!  (There was a rock in my shoe from transitioning from the swim to the bike.  I didn't want to stop to fix it.)

I enjoyed a water with The Coach while waiting for the results.  He is not drinking coffee out of a pink mug here.  That it my finishers prize!  I am wiping my mouth because there was water on it.  He is wiping his mouth because I kissed him and he claimed I was sweaty and yucky.  Hmph.

Finally the results were up and fought my way in to see them. 
Final time - 52:18!  I beat my goal by 42 seconds.
AG Place - 5/60.  I have never been 5th in ANYTHING.  I spent the rest of the day smiling!!
Total Place - 54/326

I am proud of myself for putting the swim behind me even though I was sure it sucked and I am proud that I focused on running fast (for me) for two miles even though it was uncomfortable.  What I have learned lately is - running fast is uncomfortable, but not deadly.

After the race I came home to this future triathlete and ate fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, and mac and cheese.  And wine. 
I played ladder golf with the family and I am pretty sure my brother, Uncle Bachelor, and I were the Champions of the Entire Civilized World. 

Do you have a competitive hobby?  What is your greatest acheivement at it?  What did you do (and eat) for Mother's Day??


  1. If it means I can eat fried chicken and mashed potatoes without guilt, do I have to get all sporty like you? I'm not sure what's worse, running till I bleed, or giving up fried chicken. You are amazing. I wish I loved to run.

  2. That is an awesome way to spend Mother's day. Congrats on the finish of your sprint!

  3. OMG, Heather! I headed over to your blog to see how you did. I am not really competitive. Well, I wasn't, until I got MS last that I continually have trouble doing things and the doctors think I will not be able to continue doing them, I find myself WANTING to prove them wrong! So, I do them! ;) But, I've never been athletic. I was the pom pom girl and the cheerleader...which is athletic in a dancey kind of way...not a runner kind of way. :)
    Last year, after an MS flare up, I climbed a mountain in Glacier National Park...a 10 mile hike. It took me ALL DAY...but the doctors told me I couldn't do I did. :) (I had my hubby right there, in case, of course...but I did it!)
    I'm so proud of YOU, though! You look so awesome running there!!!! Holy cow! I've honestly always wanted to be runner. You're pretty inspiring!

  4. Wow, this is amazing. I wish I could do what you did but I'm not particularly athletic though I do work out religiously.

  5. Great badass tri! Blood and all! Congrats on exceeding expectations!
    Ate for Mothers day? The Caveman got sick--blaming it on either bad kombucha or Maca powder so that put a damper on our food plans. I ended up with a quinoa/veggie concoction and a rain check for something nicer next weekend.

  6. You are amazing! You look so strong and HARD core in these pics too! Wow, well done! 42 seconds?! This is something to celebrate! Congrats to you! :) ;)

  7. awesome! perhaps some Mothers' Day I will not whine and complain for a day of laziness but will actually get off my butt and do something. like running. or walking anyway. or at least getting up to find the remote. :)
    great job!

  8. Woohoo for beating your goal!

    I had triple berry french toast casserole and a mimosa for brunch on Mother's Day. Pizza for dinner b/c I didn't want to cook.

  9. Way to go - personal best!!!

    I know I ate other food, but what I remember best is the Dairy Queen ice cream cake.

    I should really start running again.

  10. This is just so phenomenal and unbelievable to me. Your endurance and strength is beyond me. If and I do mean IF I were to run to the mailbox and back, I'd probably get a stitch in my side and require an hour's worth of recovery.

    You ROCK!

  11. ouch! that rock would be like a dagger in your shoe! you ARE hard core, woo!

  12. I know that TC is big into baseball but covering your mouths after the race so the other team can't steal the signs is a bit much. Seriously though, great job!

  13. Congrats on your awesome race!! I love hearing about moms that are still able to stay super active...I hope to be like you when I have kids!!:)

  14. wow!! very impressive!! I am a first-time visitor and a little overwhelmed by your stamina...5 kids and athletic too!! I hope you will come visit:


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