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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Talk the Talk

Shaye Baby is 21 months old this month.  So far she can say a few words that I understand and a few words in what can only be French*.  I don't speak French so I have no idea what she is saying.

When Ty was a baby he started saying a handful of words at ten months.  He had to for self preservation.  I was 24 and most of my baby knowledge had been gained from books.  The books said to talk to the baby all the time describing everything thing you were doing.  Since I kept up a steady stream of conversation Ty had to learn to talk (and drive so he could go to the store and purchase some ear plugs.)

Tanner was fourteen months when he got tubes in his ears.  For a week after that he gasped in suprise when his toys made a noise and he started talking shortly thereafter.

I don't remember when exactly Saige started talking.  But I do remember it seemed like she started talking in complete sentences.  I don't remember her doing any baby talk.  One day at dinner she was telling my dad about a doll the boys had ripped the head off.  My dad asked her how it died.  In dramatic fashion she grabbed her neck and said, "Like this! AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" 

So with the first three I never worried about talking.

With the next two though I did which is strange because generally I worry LESS about these two realizing babies are durable!
Tayte was about 18 months when I mentioned to the doctor I didn't think his talking was up to par.  (Of course by that time I had quit reading any baby books and really couldn't tell you how many words he was supposed to be saying.) The doctor suggest I wait until his 24 month check up and see if he had progressed.  Finally he started saying words.  I am pretty sure his first word was, "water".  In fact it was the only word he said for about  a month.  If we were driving and saw a lake, pond, ditch, or puddle he would excitedly scream out, "WAAAATEEEER!" for the next four or five miles.  It was like riding around in a mini-van with Helen Keller.  Now he keeps up a steady stream of conversation from the time he jumps out of bed fully energized at 6:00 am until he crashes into bed at 8:00 pm.

I just started last weekend wondering about Shaye.  At 21 months it seems like she should be saying more than:
 bad dog
 On the other hand she clearly understands everything I say.  I know because when I tell her to do something she laughs and does the exact opposite!
There are several things she uses the same words for and I decided based on her pronunciation of baby (bebe) she is French. (Thanks Joann for helping me come to this conslusion.)

*I also decided she was French based on her behavior. She has many stereotypical French characteristics.  She likes good food.  She is stylish.  She only wants to bathe twice a week and she is snotty to strangers.  (Oh I am just kidding.  I came across a website listing stereotypes of different countries.)

Have there been any areas of your kids' developement you have worried about unnecessarily?  Any strange first words?  Anyone have some French tapes I can borrow?


  1. I love reading about the excitement of your home and kiddos!

  2. The youngest talk late because all the older kids talk for them. Plus, it could be the other way around like I have it and you could have a three year old come into the room and tell you, "Mommy, your dog just pissed on the floor again.".

  3. The whole speaking french thing is adorbs!

    My three kids all went at their own pace..but my middle child, I was SOOOOO worried something was off with his speech. People even rudely told me so. In any event, he's 13 now...and he's speaking just fine. (Except he won't be

    They SAY kids who have older siblings often times have delayed speech due to being spoken for.

    Happy Tuesday...let's see you hit the big 500 today!

  4. I'm sure she will be a Nobel prize winner someday. She might not know how to say it, but who cares!! :)

  5. Don't worry too much. She has siblings to talk for her! She's a doll.

  6. Aw cute...well she could teach you some French later on no? I think the kids all have their own pace, and I wonder if they are thinking that we don't make sense when we speak.

    Your family is gorgeous.
    Take care and thanks for stopping by my blog. Also, I clicked the follow link at the top because when I tried to do GFC I kept going over to TCBOB...

  7. Just buy her a little black maid outfit (the uniform is black ... not the maid) and a French Poodle to carry in her purse. Everyone will expect her to mumble in French and say "Ooh La La!" a lot!

  8. Hopping back through and a new follower too! :)

  9. What a cute family!!

    Following from the hop--would love a follow back!

  10. As long as she's comprehending what you're saying, you're in good shape. No need to worry!

  11. I tell everyone my daughter's first words were 'bye bye bye' because I used to always listen to the N'Sync song:) I do know that once my kids started talking they never stopped are 8 and 11 :) My parents thought I had issues because no one could understand me until I was 5. Maybe I was talking French too. Lol

  12. The most fun segment of parenting is that time when kids wrestle with the language for the first.

    I love listening to them grasp at verb conjugations, grammar, and idiomatic expressions of English.

    Nothing more cute than that!

  13. I was worried about my youngest two and their speech. B/c my first was a freak of nature and talked like a little adult before he was 2. And since he was my first, I just thought that was normal. Um, yeah, apparently not. LOL

  14. Um, yes. We're meeting with occupational and physical therapists to see why my almost 18 month old isn't walking. I say isn't because she TOOOOTALLY can. She jumps and climbs and dances. So I'm with you.

  15. i was worried when my daughter was 21 months, she wouldn't talk much, now she is 2 and 4 mos and won't stop talking

  16. My daughter is 16 months and I worry about her mobility and her talking. That is one of the worst parts of motherhood. The worry.


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