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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Genie in a Bottle

If I were to be able to grant my children three wishes I would ignore their requests for money, chocolate pop tarts, and someone to do their chores and instead give them these three wishes.

1.  I would give them love.  Different kinds of love.  I want them to experience sloppy innocent high school love.  The kind where the girl must write the boys name on a notebook over and over.  The kind where the boy must give her his ring to lose.  (Or not lose would be even better.)   I would wish for them a mild case of unreturned love - so they know how it feels and will be kind if they ever receive it.  I wish for my boys the kind of love that makes them want to protect a woman and keep her safe and I wish for Saige a man that lives to take care of her - even though she doesn't need it.  (I wish that Shaye Baby would not clock any man who tries to help keep her protected and safe.)
Not only would I grant them romantic love, but love for people of all colors, of all walks of life.  I would want them to have this love in such a quantity it leaves no room for hate in their heart.
**And I want them to have sibling love.  The kind that actually causes them to be nice to each other because what good is loving someone if you still beat the crud out of them over a slice of frozen pizza.

2. I wish for them contentedness.  This is a dangerous wish for a kid who would be perfectly  happy living in a double wide owning more fishing poles than pants.  I want them to be as ambitious as their goals require, but to always remember no material item will ever make them happy - except maybe DVR.

3. I would grant them the ability to hear God.  I (sometimes) listen for God's plans, but I don't hear them.  I need a billboard to reveal his direction and even then I second guess, "Surely He meant that billboard for some other Heather".  I would grant my kids the ability to submit to God's will and to be faithful His will will pan out.

I think these three things will serve them better than money, health, friends, or pop tarts.  Because really  submitting to God's will is the key.  If they can do that everything else should be pie!

What three things do you want most for your kids, or for any kid?


  1. These are wonderful wishes for your kids. (I have the same sibling love wish for my two too.)

    For my kids? I wish them fulfillment, independence, and of course love.

    (Dropping by from PYHO)

  2. This is wonderful. I love your view on what kinds of love you would like them to find. What a great view!

    I would love for my kids to have the sibling love for sure. I would love for them to feel self-worth and be hardworkers, knowing that good things come to those who will reach for them.

  3. I'd have to go with love, self-confidence and strength. She's on the right path so far :)

  4. Faith, hope and of course, love being the greatest gift of all!

  5. Oh - I think your 3 things are AWESOME!
    I would add these three - self confidence, integrity, inquisitiveness.
    Really...aren't there like a 100 wonderful traits we would wish on our childrens lives?? We SO very much want the very best for them.

  6. I wish for my daughter to be happy with her life, no matter what she chooses to do with it.
    I also wish for her to not have to find life a struggle. She has already had so many things to deal with in her young life.
    Lastly, I would wish for her to be able to ALWAYS stay true to who she is.

  7. Faith, Hope and simple but so true!

  8. I definitely felt unrequited love in high school, A LOT. Sob.

  9. This is so sweet! I'm going to cheat and steal your wishes for my kids.

  10. Good call on the DVR, and good sentiments all around!

  11. My guys are grown but I still wish for these every night: safety, strength, happiness, and health:)

  12. Those are awesome wishes! Reminded me of this prayer from Proverbs 30:8-9

    Give me enough food to live on,
    neither too much nor too little.
    If I'm too full, I might get independent,
    saying, 'God? Who needs him?'
    If I'm poor, I might steal
    and dishonor the name of my God."

  13. i love your thoughts here, thank you for linking up to PYHO with them!

  14. Right now my wishes would be : health, health, health.

  15. What a beautiful post. I'm stopping by from PYHO, and so glad I did. I too, need a billboard. Praying for my children to have God's wisdom and discernment is definitley something I need to be asking!

  16. I sometimes need to be clocked upside the head by God. Lately, he's gotten a few good whacks.

  17. Great wishes for your kids, my wish is to have a ring that would great me as many wishes as I wanted but I'm selfish that way.

  18. These are great wishes! I would wish for my daughters to feel the love of a child.


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