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Monday, May 2, 2011

Sleeping Arrangments

Opposites Attract?
You bet they do.

The Coach and I are completely opposite in the areas of
Sense of humor  (Mine is fine.  His is that of a ten year old boy.  A socially misfit ten year old boy.)
Movie tastes
Sleeping Arrangements

This last one is by far the most distressing since basically people sleep every night and those other things only get brought up every so often.  (Although I am always funny.)

I think an acceptable bed time is 9:00.
He thinks an acceptable bed time is 1:00 am.

I stay up until 10:00 because I HATE to go to bed alone.
He goes to bed at 10:00 because if he doesn't I pout.  Then when he wakes me up a a cold woosh of covers at 1:00 I pout incoherently.  Then when he tries to get "some" pointing out that I am already awake (how else could I be pouting incoherently) I may become livid and not be able to go back to sleep.  But I will still not be in the mood for "some".

He thinks it would be cool to have a t.v. in the bedroom.

He listens to his i-pod all night.
I snore.  LOUDLY.  (But in a very ladylike manner.)

He likes it COLD.
Therefore as I have discussed before I sleep in long pajama pants, a hoodie, and knee socks.
He thinks I should wear sexy jammies.
I think it is COLD.

He thinks he should get half of the bed as well as half of the covers. 
I say that if a person turns on not one, but TWO fans in the bedroom he obviously doesn't need any blankets and I will need the extra room on the mattress for shivering.

He thinks I should shower in between working out and going to bed.
(Ha.  Just kidding.  I do that.  Most of the time.)

I think that a nice "mood enhancer" is some cuddling or neck kissing.  Maybe reintroducing himself after baseball season.
He thinks a nice "mood enhancer" is turning off the fans before I come to bed. 

What are you and your "other" opposite on?


  1. Haha hilarious! The Caveman and I are very much the same. I joke that he's the make version of me.
    Except that he never burns bridges and I tend to light them and watch them blow quite often.
    I'm working on that.
    BTW I see no problem whatsoever with your choice of sleep attire....said the girl who always wears a race shirt to bed.

  2. Too flippin' funny. That was WAY too close to home :-)

  3. We are terrible sleep-mates! Mostly because my husband has every single bad sleep habit you can imagine and I am a super light sleeper. Not a good combo!

  4. Well, at least he turns off the fan. Mine just says "Hey, want some sex?"

    Such a turn on. LOL

    Dh and I are total opposites.

  5. I stay up late, watching TV, because Adam has to get to work early. But when I have to go to bed early, and he does the same, I get angry.

  6. oh gosh Heather. If my kid wasn't grating on my last nerve with her incessant whining I would have laughed out loud at this post. Instead, I'm managing a big smile. :) She thinks I'm happy that she is upset. When I was teaching and had to get up super early, I always made my husband come to bed by 10. He hated it. Too funny about you husband sleeping with music, the fans, keeping it cold and trying to get "some" when he wakes you up. When my husband decides to stay up late when I want to go to bed I get so worked up at his irresponsible video game playing that I end up not being able to sleep. As of now we are pretty Same same on most things...this stay at home mom gig works well for me staying up later since that is the only time I have to myself without kids needing me every friggin' second!!

  7. The only reason my hubby ever turns the fan off is if he is expecting to get some. Otherwise, it's negative four degrees, fan blasting while I'm shivering under four layers of covers pulled up to my nose, but not covering it because I'd feel like I was suffocating.

  8. You and I would sleep perfectly together...except that I`m a 1am person too...but other than that, I'm always cold, and I do find you funny! See. We're a match made in heaven!

  9. I am always cold...Mike always warm. Mike would be fine living in a town of two people (that would be me and him...and sometimes if I left him alone, that would be fine, too)...I need about 100 more people around most of the time. He likes things very peaceful and quiet - I do sometimes, but I like a little chaos now and again. I love my little yippy dog...him? Well, I'll bet you can guess that one... :) Oh - and I have a fabulous sense of humor! (Just ask me, I'll tell you... ;) ) He finds it rather irritating once in a while...can you imagine?


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