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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mother's Day Goals

My goals for Mother's Day are:
1. To sleep late without anyone bringing me breakfast.
2. Rake in a lot of gifts. 

Kidding of course.

I have a race Mother's Day morning so I will not be sleeping late.  I would like to get up and drag all the kids and The Coach to the race with me, but we have a logistical problem.  Five kids, two adults, a bike and a double stroller don't all fit in the Armada.  I could drive a separate car, but I don't drive so well and it's early, plus that would be irresponsible gas usage.
This race is a super sprint so it is fairly short - a 200 meter swim, 8 mile bike, and a 2 mile run.  I did pretty well last year, but I was slowed down by the two minutes it took me to get my helmet on.  (Thanks whichever kid was messing with my helmet the day before.)
This is the first triathlon I ever competed in back in 2008.  It is nice to see that all that working out has paid off and I can actually almost sprint the entire race when my previous goal used to just be lurching across the finish line so I could have a Coke. (And a donut, who am I kidding?)

Last year I did the race in 57:24.5.
I am going to go out on a limb here and put forth a goal time. 

Whew.  I wasn't nervous until I actual wrote that down. Now I am a wreck.  I think that is going to be a real stretch.

Here are some things that may work against me.
1. Swim - It is unusually rough in Lake Houston this time of year.  The first year I did the race ladies were having to be pulled out right and left.  (Their screams for help made it really hard to concentrate.)
2. Wind - It has been REALLY WINDY here lately.  I fail to understand how I can go for a ride and be against the wind both out and back. 

Here are some things I have going for me.
1.  I have been riding in the wind a couple of times a week so hopefully I am used to it.
2. I have been doing way more speed work than I have at any other time in my triathlon training, so I am thinking an under 20 minute run is possible.  I will keep telling myself I gave birth to five kids, surely I can run fast for twenty minutes.  (Right?)
3. I know to check my helmet before I leave transition.

So that is my goal.  Barring that I hope I at least do better than last years time.  It would be discouraging to do all these workouts and then not be any better off than I was last year. 
Regardless it will be fun.   My in-laws are in town and they are going to come watch the race.  My Sweet MIL says she will take some pictures.  I am pretty sure there won't be any pictures of other women's boobs on my camera when she is done.

What are your Mother's Day plans?
(And........Ya got any triathlon tips for a sista?)


  1. That sounds like a great goal for the race. I wish you the best and hope you have a great time!

  2. I hope the race goes well! It sounds like you will be starting off Mother's Day with a running start.

  3. You had me at 5 kids and triathalon on Mother's Day! I was thinking margarita mother's day! and I'm sure just to remind me of what I love about motherhood.. a few loads of laundry.

  4. Well, the good news is that A) it won't be 47 degrees this weekend (WTF?) and B) it won't be raining. Ha!

    Good luck! I can't wait to hear how it all goes (on Monday, when I return from Fort Worth hungover, wearing a dirty Texas Rangers shirt and hopefully happy from a mark in the WIN column)!

  5. I got cold just thinking about you swimming in the lake!

  6. Good luck! You can do this and then we'll have a big blog party for you!

  7. THAT'S what you are doing for mother's day??!@?@? I plan on a marathon of sitting on my ass, being waited on by kids and the hubby.

  8. That super sprint tri sounds like fun! Even though I only have 2 boys, I know exactly what you were talking about with bringing them, double stroller, etc..with you to a race. It's a lot of work!!
    Good luck with your race! I'm sure you'll do great!

    P.S. About the falafel...sorry, but they are completely meatless. I don't think meat in them would be very good actually. You should try it and just see how it goes. You and your family might be pleasantly surprised! :)

  9. Woot for a Mother's Day Sprint! I hope you rake in lots of presents.
    Me? No plans. There's a 5k I did last year but prolly not, we'll see.

  10. How Awesome to have a tri on Mothers Day. I always wanted to run a half marathon on my Birthday. I guess someday!

    Good Luck And Enjoy Your Day!

  11. You're amazing! :) I'm probably going to sleep in and be as lazy as I can get away with!

  12. You can do it! You can do it! You can do it! :)

  13. Oooo - nothing worse than breakfast in bed made by my family...I have nightmares of past experiences of that...ugh! (No - really!)

    You just amaze me. Running on Mother's Day? And your goal is to beat last year's time? Are you trying to make us all look bad???? Sheesh! Well, if that's your goal, then mine will have to be to sleep in longer than I did last year...I guess I'm kind of an over-achiever, too...we're two peas in a pod...what can I say?

  14. You can do it!

    My Mother's Day plans? Sleeping in and raking in gifts, of course. ;)

  15. So I was nodding along like "yup, sleep in, yup get gifts" and then you were all kidding and now I'm confused b/c those are pretty much my goals :)

  16. Good Luck! Writing your goal must have been daunting but goals shouldn't be kept a secret. When they are it's too easy to dismiss them. :)

    I wish you much success, speed and good weather on Sunday!


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