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Friday, April 29, 2011

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

I have had some minor running victories lately which of course led to the inevitable crash reminding that I am a mere mortal and a clumsy, old triathlete.  (It's ok.  I am good with that.)

Tuesday I headed to the track to do the speed workouts with the rest of the team.  The workout was:6 x (400 zone 5, 800 zone 4 - 40RI)  I got there early because I figured it might boost my self -esteem to not be trying to finish the workout as maintenance guy is locking up the track.  I was about halfway through with the workout when the coach got there and for a surprise decided we should run the hill. 
There is a big astroturf covered hill at the school.  It is very steep on one side and just steep on the other.  He decided up and over would count as one and we should do six.  (Ok.  Maybe he said six to eight, but I was keeping focused on that number.)  I did six and then he told me to do another.  He hates me.

Wednesday's plans provided for an easy zone 2 run.  No problem. Except that because of my recent running improvements I thought I could do an entire zone 2 run at a sub ten minute pace.  I took off running and I did the first two miles around 9:45.  Then I fell over in a zone 4 heap and some middle school kid had to resuscitate me.  Not really.  But I definitely BONKED and I was lying dazed on the sidewalk (not really) I thought of the all the things that may have hindered my performance.
1. The 7 hills and speedwork I had done the evening before.
2. The 92 degree heat.  (Ok.  It was only 88, but I have taken literary license with the rest of this story.)
3.  The guy who drove by and honked and yelled, "Hey Baby!"  Because as everyone knows that IS the best way to pick up woman.  I had to stop running and track him down.  Not.  (But I did consider getting in the car with him because he was headed in the general direction of a Sonic.)
I went home and vowed to run the plan forever.

Yesterday's plan = running intervals.  Again it was 92 (88).  Again it was afternoon, not my best workout time.  But I went.  Halfway into that epic fail I realized - now back on the plan I was doing three hard runs in a row.  I gave up and decided just to do the easy run I had ruined with ambition the day before.  Even that sucked like a Hoover.  I did it though.

I no longer remember what the point of this is besides that I had written about training in a few days.
Oh yeah!

How good are you at following the plan??


  1. I suck at following plans...

    Starting c25K tonight....we will see how this goes (this time)

  2. That sounds like some pretty hard workouts back to back. I am sure you will do fine! I suck at following the plan. I really should do better since I pay my coach to make up the plans!

  3. This is why I'm fat. Because some guy told me to run up an astroturf covered hill and I said, "oh hail no" and went to Sonic instead. Never get in the car with a stranger my hind end.

  4. That type of heat kills me!
    I'm pretty bad at following a plan. This year I gave it and my coach a full 2.5 months before starting my personal revisions :D

  5. Pretty good. I am great at sticking to my plan of not running.

  6. I am derailed easily. Oh, it's raining and 40 degrees? Instead of intervals, I will jog on the treadmill slowly for 30 minutes. Wait wait, it's HOW hot? I think I'll get on the bike even though I am training for a RUN. On the plus side, at least I usually do SOMETHING.

  7. There is something wrong with an astroturf covered hill. Everytime I follow the plan good things happen. Everytime I don't, bad things happen.

    Follow the plan.

  8. Plan? what plan?
    you are so far ahead of me...

    .....I only run when chased.
    Maybe your dog could help me out :)
    fraid I don't know what girl boxers are though :(

  9. I'm not following the plan to well but thats because I can't. I can't wait to follow the plan! I'm jealous! Keep up the great work!

  10. I never, ever, run. But I'm glad for you.


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