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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Grocery Store Ruined My Day

The day started off just fine.  It was the last Monday of the school year.  A rest day so I got to sleep clear until 5:30 am instead of working out before the crack of dawn.  The kids got into the car without fuss.   I had all the required flavors of Pop Tarts.  Things were looking good for a Monday morning.
After work I headed to the grocery store to do the grocery shopping.   An hour later I parked my cart behind two others at the check out.  No problems.  I appreciated the rare joy of shopping alone without Shaye cussing out strangers and Tayte asking repeatedly for gum.  The manager waved me over to an empty lane and my day took in instant downward spiral into a stress induced race against the clock.
I was in check out purgatory.  The lady ringing me up said she hadn't checked in twenty years.  It kinda showed.  I smiled patiently as she tried six different numbers for my red onion.  There was really no point in rushing her since Methuselah was sacking the groceries and he was in no hurry.  I snatched the dog food, milk, and some other items off the belt and threw them in the cart unbagged to speed up the process.  I felt sorry for my now rushed self, but not as sorry as I felt for the lady who got in line behind me with only six cases of Coke.  Finally I escaped.  Thank goodness Methuselah didn't insist on helping me out with my bags.  I began to cart my now melting ice cream out to the car.

On the way to the car a nice lady alerted me that I had dropped my industrial size package of toilet paper.  I had to abandon my cart and go back for that.
Once in the car I started reviewing my receipt.  My grocery budget was off by about forty bucks!  I found only one problem.  I was charged for a 9.00 book of stamps I didn't buy.   I trudged back in and got the whole nine bucks back!

I made the rounds to pick up the babies, and Ty.  For some reason this child still can't seem to figure out how to get a ride from the parental unit WHO WORKS AT THE SAME SCHOOL HE ATTENDS.

As soon as I drove up to the house. The Coach left to do some (made up) coaching responsibility.  I tried to put the groceries up, but Ty and Tanner eat them as fast I can empty the bags.  The babies themselves went through a Popsicle an fruit snack pouch each.  I found as I was unloading that Methuselah had tied a tight, tight knot in each and every grocery sack.  I guess he could read my mind and that was payback for my mental grumbling.
I got the groceries put up.
The band uniform ironed.
I complimented Saigie's new Bible. (Sweet Aunt bought it for her because she accepted Christ last week.)
I loaded all the kids back into the car to take to art class and band concert.
Right when we got to the point of no return where the next highway exit is far far away Tanner realized he didn't actually have his horn.  For a band concert.
Turned around.
Headed out again.
Finally dropped Saige off at art. Ten minutes late.
At this point both Tayte and Shaye started screaming incessantly in the back seat.
Ty flipped through annoying songs on his ipod/car radio.
I found the place to drop Tanner off . Fifteen minutes late.
With a deep sigh I headed home.
My phone rang.
It was the receptionist at the art class.
She needed to inform me there wasn't actually art class today. 
I turned around.
I blame Methuselah.

I did make it home and I did cook dinner.
I also realized I forgot corn.  I guess it is back to the store today as it is an essential ingredient in corn chowder. I will try to avoid Methuselah and his wife. 

What is your least favorite thing about grocery shopping?


  1. I can so relate. Checkout really bums me out on the weekends especially. And even with a grocery list in hand, I still miss out stuff and it's such a hassle to have to go back. Hope tomorrow's a better day, cheers :)

  2. I am completely wiped out just reading that. I hate the grocery store and have told Husband since he stays home it is now his responsibility!

  3. I hate grocery shopping so I feel your pain!

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  5. Oh're gonna hate me. Grocery shopping is my release! It means I am out of the house...i.e. daddy day care open for business, have Ipod will shop at my leisure. I tell the checkout/bagger NOT to hurry! that would only get me home faster. nay, nay.
    See the one thing I am standing my ground on in this busy SAHM life is NOT to take 3 kids to the grocery store. (if at all possible - obviously emergencies like forgetting essentials happen) And since my hubbie LOVES food and good meals: I win this battle.
    And if I stop for a little detour through the local shoe store....he's none the wiser. Those checkouts are really, really slow honey.

  6. I hate everything about it....but mostly just because we go as a whole family and there is nothing more annoying than 2 kids asking for every thing they see while the baby decides to melt down no matter how happy he was until he got placed in the cart....add a husband who spends the entire time asking "Are we done yet?!". Ugh. I look forward to the days when I can do the shopping alone. And I will relish every second of my time at the store.
    I love the new blog layout!

  7. My advice? Grab a bottle (or a few) of wine that compliments corn chowder!

  8. I don't do it. I'm the "man"! Now all of your women followers are going to hate me. But they'll figure it on their own that what I'm all about.
    Your day stressed me to no end. Take it easy on me next why don't ya!
    Your new friend, m.

  9. Thank God my husband does most of the grocery shopping. It's mostly because he's a control freak and gets irritated when I buy the wrong brand of whatever the hell he wants.

  10. I HATE the grocery store. It always takes way too much time to check out. And I'm usually running late.

  11. What a day! Just forget the corn chowder.
    I just don't like shopping, grocery or other.
    Online shopping agrees with me though.

  12. Ach! Just terrible when one thing can set the rest of the day up for failure, no? I had my own grocery store moment yesterday, but can't share it because I'm not quite done fuming about it, ha!

    Any other stores you can hit up?

    (This is Rachel from onceuponamiracle - Blogger is being stupid)

  13. Stopping by from FMBT to say hello and follow.
    Have a great day!

  14. I love grocery shopping! But I hate waiting in line:( My grocery store always has the longest lines, too!!

  15. Oh no, what an awful experience! I hate the grocery store and spend WAY too much time there and spend WAY too much money there. UGH.

  16. Ugggh, sounds like something I can relate to on some level. At least the craziness of it. I'm tired just reading it. :)

  17. Taking it home and putting it away! After I've filled my cart, I usually feel like abandoning it in the aisles and just go and have a cup of coffee.

  18. I am with you... i go to the worlds busiest store - typically you are parking near the far end of the lot like it is the day before a snow storm or something :-)

    It is so hard...

    And yes - your story made me very tired.

    PS-I am following you back


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