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Monday, May 23, 2011

Dream Job

Growing up I always wanted to be a teacher.  It has turned out to be a pretty good gig. I get the same vacations my kids get.  I work the same hours they are in school.  And I get to live out my fantasies of being a stand up comedian within the confines of the curriculum.

As glamorous a job as it is lately I have been day dreaming of a career change.
For the past few years I have thought that I could parlay my quick wit and love of the outdoors into millions of dollars as a Beverage Cart Girl at the golf course.

Really I wish I had majored in this.  I could have taken classes like Bad Jokes for Older Men, and How to Calculate Tax Mentally.  Let's also not forgot When Not to Yell on the Golf Course.   I think I would have been on the dean's list instead of struggling to get that 2.7 I did majoring in English and history.

My husband who is generally a very supportive man thinks Beverage Cart Girl in an inappropriate summer job/career for a wife and mother. 

Of course when I got the chance to be the Beverage Cart Girl over the weekend at a Lone Survivor charity golf tournament I was ecstatic.
                         This is Vibeke and me - ecstatic!

First I tried to steal the REAL Beverage Cart Girl's cart and she tried to beat me up.  (See?  I should have taken a class.)
                  (This was not our cart. We didn't know.)

After that it was smooth sailing and my sister in law, Vibeke, cruised around the golf course taking care of the golfer's hydration needs.

Here are just a few reasons being a Beverage Cart Girl is better than being a teacher.

1. The cool ride! 

2. People are always glad to see the BCG.  Seriously I have never been so popular in my entire life.  As a teacher the kids often cheer when I announce I will have a sub.  But as BCG people were smiling at me and sometimes even waving me over.

See how happy Uncle Bachelor is to see me?  I am pretty sure he is reaching for his wallet.  Which leads me to the next reason.

3. BCG gets tips.  Teachers never get tip other than, "make sure you get your grades in on time."

4. As the driver of the Beverage Cart I got free cold beverages all day. 

I may over indulged in cold beverages and been ready for a nap towards the end of the tournament.

5. Volunteer BCGs cannot get fired.  Even if a slight bit of damage to the course occurred.  I am not saying we caused this damage.  I am just saying it happened and no one got fired.

6. I got to hang out with The Coach, my dad, and my brothers all day.  Whereas "Take Your Family to Work Day" is probably frowned upon at my current position.

Guns - I am not certain, but I don't even think he was packing.

                                         The Coach

So here are the end of the day totals.
5 hours of beer cart driving
2 free meals
12 salami sticks
6 cold beverages
1 Snickers
1 coke
2 bottled waters
52.00 in tips which Vibeke and I split.

I really think I missed my calling in life.

What is your dream job?


  1. If that cart had a roof and some ac I'd say that sounds pretty good! My casper-y whiteness can't hang in the sun all day :)

  2. I like this background! Very nice with the new header! Good going, girl! I see that the header is still just a BIT too wide. I'll narrow it a little more and send it to you.

    As for my perfect job? I think I pretty much have it. I'd just like to be paid more (wouldn't everyone) and be allowed to work from home. But I really can't complain about a job that allows me to blog (pretty close to full time) 6+ months out of the year in my own private office ... with a door! :)

  3. My girlfriend owns a golf course and every summer I am SO tempted to ask for the Beer Girl position...but then I remember I'm 43 and the guys seem pretty happy with the 23 year olds they usually hire :-(

  4. BCG sounds fun! I wish I could get paid to play with kids all day... or write children's books.

  5. I can certainly see why you like it so much, looking at the pictures.

    I suppose my dream job would be professional blogger!

  6. I'm still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. I need to start figuring pretty damn quick because we are one year away from our first in college and momma needs to get a J O B. I'm not sure I'd like that particular job. I hate heinous tan lines.

  7. OK, Just a heads up - if you attempt this again, wear a lower cut shirt. Your tips will triple! ;)

  8. Wow. That's a pretty sweet deal. On the other hand, I'm not sure how I feel about the whole no A/C being out in the hot sun all day thing. Although, I'm on a beverage cart, so surely one of the perks is getting free drinks all day...

  9. She forgot:

    1 massive headache
    1 Autographed Stan Musial Jersey

    and the stipulation for her doing this was that she WOULDN'T wear a low cut shirt!!!!!!!!!

  10. I love The Coach's comments!!!! (Especially the low cut shirt!...although you may have increased your tips...) ;)

    BCG sounds like a fun job - for a weekend, anyhow...

  11. I've just wanted to drive one of those things.

  12. Sounds like a good gig to me!

    I love your new look!

  13. Ha Ha, Coach!

    I see that we (finally) got the header in place. LOL! The code that I sent to you ... just copy and past the whole code into the HTML box where you put the image (I think) instead of the image. It should post a clickable image of your button PLUS code for friends and followers to grab.

  14. My dream job has always been to be a mom, and I did that! :)

    What a fun job you had this weekend. I love it!

  15. I am so with you....and am bringing the skimpy halter with me (sorry coach!). LOL When I do finally return to work in a few years...boring office job. I am on the verge of tears just typing that. After the freedom of running in the big wide world the last few years everyday with my kids...I think I'd rather slit my wrists with a butter knife than be stuck inside 4 gray walls all day!

    But okay, given the 40 something age AND "da girls" that don't look quite so perky after 3 breastfed babies....perhaps something more in line with Park Ranger? I am well practiced at hollering such things as: "quiet down over there", or, "if you don't behave, you have to go," and last but not least, "no, we don't play with matches - safety violation!"

    Loving the new look too!

  16. Sound $52.00 divided by two-divided by the five hours you worked comes out to $5.20 an hour--isn't that about what they pay teachers in this country?

    But yea, totally jealous that would be so much fun

  17. I'm thinking that BCG sounds like a pretty good gig!

    I want a job where I could be paid to read...and eat oreos. Does that job exist?

  18. I think you're onto something... I may need to visit for a mentoring session :)

  19. I wish I could be a professional life guard.


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