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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Soccer it to Him

Have I written about Tayte lately?  I can't remember.  He is three now which is the age soccer starts here. He is so stinking cute if I do say so myself.

His pants are too big.  And his shirt.  Plus his socks.

He seems to think this is the correct starting position even though no one else on his team does it this way.

He is having fun with other three and four year old boys.  It sure is easy to pick out that paper white skin, and red hair in the crowd.

He invites everyone we see to his soccer game.  Even if we don't know the person.  So far he has invited the drive thru guy at McDonalds, the cashier in Target, and the officer who pulled me over for a ticket.  (Oh I am just kidding.  I didn't get a ticket!)

He has not scored yet, but he has not cried either which at this age is a GOAL!

What are your kids up to?


  1. He is beyond cute. I bet if you were pulled over, he could charm any cop out of giving you a ticket.

    So what happens later? I mean the rest of the world is soccer crazy. Here, it seems all kids play soccer and then what? I admit, I miss European soccer. I miss it a lot.

  2. They are so precious at this age!

  3. He looks absolutely adorable in his uniform! He is obviously proud to be playing soccer because he is inviting everyone to his games. I think that is awesome!

    Enjoy this age while you can. My athlete is almost 11 and has been playing soccer since he was 5. Long gone is the careless fun attitude. It has been replaced with a more serious competitive one. If we win, Great! If we lose, look out, you don't even want to be in the car with him. This kid, lives and breathes soccer.

  4. He is adorable! What a friendly little guy!

  5. Yep, he's cute alright.

    And soccer is a cool sport. Great that you have him started young.

  6. He is sooooo beyond cute! Move over Beckham..Tayte's in town!

  7. He is cute! Olive loves to kick around her soccer ball now but won't be 3 until this December...but I am sure she would love to join!

  8. Heather, he is sooo cute! And I love his name! Maybe I should have another baby so I can use it...or not...
    When my youngest started soccer at 3, he stood in the goal the whole time next to the goalie. I guess he figured two was better than one.
    So did the drive-thru guy at McDonald's show up? Was he cute?

  9. Three year old soccer is the best! I'm so irritated because I have to miss Avery's game saturday because I volunteered at the beginning of the year to help out with the PTA Health and Wellness fair and it's this weekend. Booooo

  10. He's too cute. Brings back good memories of when my kids were that age LOL.

  11. My kids are the same age and start soccer in two weeks. I can't wait and this post makes me even more excited. I love this age!


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