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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Running Down a Dream

I haven't written any training posts lately so I thought I would today. 
For you non crazy runner types - Read it anyway.  I'll be back to posting wonderful parenting tips, and overall genius tomorrow, or at least I'll have another story about injury and exposure.

Here are the training workouts I have done this week.
Sunday - 2 hr bike - Zone 2
Monday 1hr run - Zone 2

Both of these were nice.  I saw many flowers and even more road kill.  I have strange tan lines.

Tuesday am - 35 minute bike - Zone 2
Tuesday pm - Track torture - 4.5 miles - Zone 2-5 (Puke)

Wednesday am - 45 minute run - zone 2 (Sleep running!)
Wednesday afternoon - 1 hr bike - Zone 2
****I did not do this workout.  I had to take a nephew to baseball and a guinea pig to get a pedicure.  
Yes.  Really.
Then I had to find a child who was MIA and go to P$'s birthday party. 

Thursday am - 55 minute bike - power intervals.  Ha.

Usually I would not ride on the morning of track, nor would I run six miles the evening before.  BUT I fired my coach, and then two days later I re-hired him.  (Another story for another day.)   During those two days he switched track from Wednesday to Tuesday.  (See?  He is trying to kill me.)
We ran 12 x 400
I won't write them all here, but my best time was 1:56 and my worst was 2:16. 

The fired/rehired coach tried to help me with form.  Imagine trying to help a pigeon toed chicken run better.
He also pointed out that I had improved over my February track workouts which is true. 
I guess I am impatient and ready to see real improvements that translate to faster actual RACE running.  Preferably I would like to do this without breathing hard or hurting.  :)  My legs are very sore.

I have included these two (completely narcisstic and self indulgent)  pictures.

1. Race in September before hiring/firing/rehiring a coach.

2. Race last week after three months of coaching. 

Do I look any faster?
I kid.

Are you becoming impatient about any goals?
Or better yet.
What goals WERE you impatient about that finally paid off?
Rock Star Triathlete has told me a couple of times that improving the bike is the way to improve the run.  Can anyone share any other methods of improvement they have had?  Especially ones that involve eating pizza!!

One last thing and thank you for reading this far.  Apparently I created a monster when I let The Coach post.  He now has written a recount of my firing/rehiring my coach.  Who would you like to hear the story from?

Bye now!!


  1. You are totally getting faster!

    Bring on the stories from both!

  2. Great post, you look much faster!

  3. I would like to improve actually going to the gym. Only then will other things improve.

  4. Patience? What patience, I have none. And that is not helping me at all.
    Yoga has done wonders for my recovery times and injury prevention. How come nobody told me about this before? Or how come I did not listen?
    Pizza will improve any athletic effort ---- I would like to believe.
    I want to hear both sides of the coach story.

  5. Your post sounds like complete self-torture to me. I should be as fit as you if I'm logging in that many running miles just chasing my 4-year old, right?

    Ummm yeah, you can't leave us with a "story for another time", tease that the post is ALREADY written, then ask a silly question like if we'd like to read it? Of course :)

    And I know all about creating that husband-hijacking-blog monster. Help.

  6. And for the record - I think you should BOTH do it... on one post. That goes back and forth like a great little "no I didn't, yes you did" banter that we get to witness :)

  7. Great to read about your training and see your pictures! :) Firing and rehiring huh? Did I miss this story or do I need to wait for the story from him?

  8. I think it would be fun to hear it from BOTH of you. :-)

  9. Let him write it, but you get to interject your commentary.

  10. So fast I'm not sure how the camera snapped the shutter that fast :-) you do look like great form.

    I want to hear the story from both sides. As for goals- I am nowhere near my workout / weight loss / fitness goals. The bowl of iec cream i just ate probably didn't help.

  11. You look great and way faster. Great job!
    You deserve a little ice cream too!

  12. Wow, you're in great shape and that's a lot of hours tracking. I'm trying to find my 6-pack, if such a thing even exists *rolls eyes*. Been working on my abs, making good progress but still a long way off and I'm getting impatient LOL.


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