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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


This is Ty.

Do you notice a constant in these pictures?

You probably don't realize it, but that hoodie is not only an article of clothing.  It is also deodorant.

That's right.

With logic only a 15 year old boy can achieve my son (who asked me the other day what margarine was.) thinks if he wears this magical hoodie over his clean shirt every day it will block the BO that builds over the course of day.  No, the fact that he only washes it once a week doesn't seem to factor in.

Anyway.  He is a UT fan.

We decorated his room when we first moved in.  I painted this wrought iron bed frame black.  It used to be mine and it was white.  Before that it belonged to my granny.
Then my mom and I worked on his walls.  Pretty much she did the detailed stuff and I did the large spaces. We work best that way.
The bedding came from Bed, Bath and Beyond.
He was pretty pleased with the whole bargain set up except for the fact he had no dresser.

This gnome didn't make up for the lack of dresser.

Today when I picked the babies up from Tia, the sitter, I passed a lady sitting in her front yard with five or six items in her yard for sale.  I made a quick u-turn and hopped out to check out a black dresser.  It was sturdy and solid wood.  She wanted 25.00 for it, but I only had a 20 on me.  I talked her down.  We wrestled with it for a while before we managed to get it in the Armada.

Ty was excited when I told him I was late picking him up because I was buying him something.  Even though he has been asking about a dresser I think it was a let down.  He probably thought I bought him that 250.00 pair of Oakleys he has been whining about lobbying for.  He didn't seem to catch the excitement of paying twenty bucks for a solid wood dresser.

This is Ty trying to act unimpressed.  Ok. He isn't acting.

It has some dings on it I will eventually fix.  Plus my plan is to get these long horn drawer pulls too.  He may not be impressed, but  I am not going to let that diminish my excitement.

(Yes.  I do have a low entertainment threshold.)

Since no room is complete without weaponry this is also on Ty's wall!

Have your kids tried to rob you of excitement lately?  Or talk you into a 250.00 purchase?


  1. I love the way you have blinged out his room! So creative!!

  2. That is a great buy. And I thought if I wore my Snuggie everywhere it would keep out the BO!

  3. His BO prevention methods do need a bit of work, don't they?

    That is one fabulous piece of furniture you got, and for a song!

  4. Ok, I am totally cracking up about the sweatshirt! Because I did the same thing! Yes, a girl can have BO blindness too.

    It's amazing the stuff that excites you as you grow more mature, isn't it?

  5. As a UT alum, I love the hoodie and room! And the post was funny too, Mom. Thank you for your comment.

  6. Oh, that was a good deal.

    I bought my boys lots of clothes yesterday. Even though they needed them, they were NOT impressed.

  7. I'm not looking forward to the BO days. Hilarious post!

  8. What a steal! Good work on that dresser! My 3.5 y.o discovered the Pottery Barn Kids catalog today and is lobbying for every single thing in it, namely the bajillion dollar princess castle bed. Ha!

  9. Hahahahahahaha! The BO thing is hilarious! Reminds me when mine first started wearing deoderent - he thought it was a waste of time so I'd have to remind him every morning. One morning after I'd ascertained he hadn't put it on (as we were walking out the door) I sent him back upstairs to put it on. I stood at the bottom of the stairs (his bathroom was at the top) with my jaw on the floor as I watched him spray the stuff on the outside of his shirt! He figured it would work.....*sigh*

    And yeah - he is constantly lobbying for something.

  10. Mine ordered a $500 sleeping bag, or was that the backpack, yesterday! I'm just delighted that he's paying his own bills!

  11. Ha ha! Funny about the hoodie!

    And the weaponry on the wall... at least it's not the VICTIMS on the wall, right? (As I duck all of the horns trying to impale me in the living room, GAH!)

  12. I get way too excited about good finds like that. I am amped up for days. And you should send him to me for a few days. I can take him down to my old alma matter and bask in the greatness.

  13. No, thankfully they're still too young for that. This reminds me of something - when we renovated our basement a few years ago, we ripped out everything the previous owners had put in, including - wait for it - bull horn wall lamps. Glowing bull horns! They were pretty awesome in a kitsch way. Our friends/family snapped them up as soon as we took them down. No idea where they are now though actually...


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