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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wardrobe Malfunction

Sunday I traveled to Kemah to attend a race clinic put on by the triathlon team I have joined.

I attended the clinic mainly to practice swimming in the ocean with a wetsuit as I have not done either before.  (I have swam in the ocean, but not for a race.)

I was standing in front of a bunch of triathletes listening to a swim clinic.  As it was coming to an end everybody started slipping into their wet suits.  I imitated them as best I could.  After about ten minutes of pulling and tugging and then one final monumental HEAVE to get the suit over my ample backside, I was exhausted and sweaty.  I felt  that the worst was over though.  The whole time I was doing this a lady was staring at me.  I decided that I was just being self conscious or that she was just one more person trying to figure out my hair when she finally said, "You are putting that on backwards."  Uhg.  In attempt to not look like a complete IDIOT I said, "Oh.  That is the way I wear all my clothes."  The worst part was looking like a dork in front of all those athletes who I am intimidated by anyway.  The second worst part was that I had to start all over. ( I just realized while writing this it explains the pain in my forearm this morning. Good.  I am glad I have a reason to be in pain.)

The good news is - WET SUITS ARE AWESOME.  I am pretty buoyant having my own PFD built into my booty.  I felt like I was flying in the wet suit.  The added buoyancy and the glide were definitely noticeable.  I am not ready to buy a wet suit yet as most races I run do not meet the requirement of the temperature being under 78 degrees.  If someone was debating on using one I would definitely say go for it. 

I swam 1000 meters.  The race on Sunday is 1500, but I figured I had done what I needed to. So I hopped out and bought a new pair of goggles!!  They are mirrored so hopefully I can see when the sun is shining on the water.

 Plus they are totally sexy!!

After the swim there was a transition clinic which made me realize I need more gear!!  (The Coach will be so happy.)  I need Yankz?  I have never used them, but I am willing to try.  Also I need sunglasses.

The we ran.  My favorite part! (I am trying to convince myself.)
At about 2.8 miles we were asked if we were running the 3 mile course or the 6 mile course.  Hard question.  Since I have not run six miles in a month or so I figured I would give it a try and just run easy and not try to stay under a ten minute mile.  For some reason the run course included not one but TWO passes over the causeway.  (What torture expert planned this route??)  I finally finished and I was glad I had chosen to do the six miles if for nothing but the mental lift it gave me.

And finally...................

I hate to end on a downer, but I am a little upset with the coach I hired.  Tell me if I am being bratty.

I don't feel I have gotten any one on one help from him.  He posts my workouts via the computer.  He posted them for two months.  He has never commented on my post workout description even though he requires I fill it out.  I would think maybe the workouts would have to be modified depending on the success/failure of the completion.
I have an injury I have been nursing.  He said he would look into and get back with me and he never did.
Sunday I was the last person to finish the 6 mile course and he did not wait for me.  I was running alone in an unfamiliar area along the highway and I would like to know that he has an idea of whether or not I am still alive or if I am in someone's trunk barreling toward Mexico.  Another runner did come and run the last half mile with me which was nice of him because he had already completed the course.
I pay this coach monthly to be part of the team.  I admit that it is cheaper than some one on one trainers.  I accept that.  But he gave me the cold shoulder on  Saturday at packet pickup, or Sunday at the clinic where he promised team members would get extra attention he barely spoke to me. (Apparently other team members have complained about lack of bang for their buck.)
If you have any team experience can you tell me if this is the norm?  Am I being a brat?   Any feedback would be appreciated.

All in all I am glad I went to the clinic even though it was geared toward beginners.  The drive there and back was very nice because I was ALL ALONE so I could roll the windows down, open the sunroof and blast the 80's station without having to answer questions about blue cars or anything.

I am very excited about Sunday, the first race of my 2011 triathlon season.
What are you excited about today?


  1. Sounds like you have a disconnect with your coach. Each coach offers different "services" many at different price points. Set one is to see if there is a reset that can be done to better the match and if that doesn't work, look elsewhere.

    My coach is probably on the other end of the spectrum. He responds to every workout with a mail. I only get the plan a week at a time so he can adjust as necessary and we talk every week or two. He also calls before and after each significant event.

    Some people have dropped him because they viewed him as too involved. They wanted less. To each his own.

    Email me if you have any specific questions.

  2. I'm kind of ignoring all the exercise you are doing. I feel like a big slacker. LOL

    But, your trainer? Doesn't really sound like he is doing much!

  3. 1. You're not bratty. He doesn't sound very impressive.

    2. I highly doubt you have an ample backside.

    3. I like the glasses! And I like the hair!

  4. 1. Good luck on your race! You will do well!
    2. I do not think you are being a brat. A brat would be me, who would throw a tantrum and tell him exactly what I thought of him and his lack of training.

  5. Beautiful family!

    I just found your blog through the Follow Me Back Tuesday Blog Hop! Have a great week.

    Amanda @

  6. I'm kind of agreeing with you. It seems like there should be some feedback as you go.

    I am excited for your race too!

  7. OMG, I just got a well needed laugh at the backwards wetsuit. I'm not sure I wouldn't have done the same thing.
    I wouldn't be cool with a coach that did that, but I've never had a coach so I don't really have anything to compare it too. It looks like you got some good advice above, though.

  8. Thanks for your comment on my blog! I think you need to have a good relationship with a coach, and it sounds as though you are not on the same page with what you need. Maybe you need to find a new coach? Good luck.

  9. So the other thing to keep in mind? You are paying for this relationship. And you are under no obligation to like everyone you meet. I left my running PT. Not because he did a bad job, he was quite good, actually. Not because he was hard to get ahold of and didn't carry a cell phone so I had to leave a message on an answering machine (SO 20th century). No. I stopped seeing him because I was paying $50-$90 a week and I just didn't like the guy. End of story.

  10. Ok, I'm totally late replying to this, but wanted to put my 2 cents in and tell you to dump him. The first personal trainer I hired was fantastic - when we actually kept our appointments. After 2 weeks of asking him for confirmation on an excercise so I didn't hurt myself, I fired him. turns out he was super involved with some triathletes (serious) and didn't have time for a firefighter. You guys get all the good coaches.... :-)


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