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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Crisis Averted

I got up the other morning at 5:30.  I am tapering so I got to sleep late.
I showered and dressed and walked into the living room at 5:50.  I thought I would finally get to school early enough to get some work done.
Ty was sitting in the living room dressed which is odd since he is usually the last one to roll unwillingly out of bed on a weekday. He couldn't sleep.  He requested I take him to school so he could lift.  I knew it would add ten minutes to my drive, but I agreed.

I went to wake up Tayte and realized he had wet the bed.  No biggie.  He is only three.  But discussing a shower and cleaning him up took another ten minutes. 
Then I had to cart his whiny self (he gets upset when he wets the bed) back upstairs to wake up Tanner, Saige, and Shaye.  I got Shaye dressed.

By that time I was running behind.  I had a quiz over Allied v. Japanese strategy in the Pacific to write.

The Coach was still in bed peacefully snoozing away.  I could feel my eyes narrow and I cold hear my breathe getting huffy.  I wanted to snatch the pillow out from under his head and smack him with it. Repeatedly. 
Then I realized he didn't know what was going on. He was peacefully unaware of the blips in that morning's schedule.
He woke up and leisurely walked to the closet to get dressed.

I caught myself thinking, "Must be nice to only have to get YOURSELF dressed."  I put the kids in the car and walked back in to say goodbye.  Snarky comments were flashing in my brain.

My more practical self finally won the internal struggle. 

I walked up to him and said, "Could you please start waking up five to ten minutes earlier so I could have some help with the children."

His reply, "Sure baby.  I'll do whatever you need.  You know all you have to do is ask."

Crisis Averted.

I sometimes forget he can't read my mind.  I sometimes forget that he is HORRIBLE at processing hints and/or body language.  I sometimes forget that he will do whatever I ask him to do. 
This has caused fights in the past as I feel taken for granted while I am silently struggling to do something on my own.

This morning however a fight was avoided. 

What keys have you learned to insure a harmonious relationship?


  1. Ahh, the things we learn from just growing up a bit in a relationship, no? I totally would have done the snarky thing and then reaped the consequences. Now... I would probably cough a bit loudly after accidentally chucking a pillow at his head :)

    Glad you guys have it worked out! :)

  2. You mean, he can't read your mind like most men? ;)

  3. As a new mommy, I find myself getting annoyed when Mr. R can't read my mind. I'm still stuck in snarky mode. Working on communication!

    Thanks for stopping by for PYHO! I'm a new follower!

  4. I have totally been there! I have three littles but only one is in school; so I have to get all three up, dressed, diapers changed, and breakfast fed before we leave to take the daughter to school. Most days my hubby is still SLEEPING when I drag the kids out of the house. I do feel resentful sometimes. Maybe I need to do the same.
    oh and did I mention one of my kids is autistic and often refuses to leave the house? :)

  5. I have learned that comments like "sure I can do all that, you just sit there with the remote and watch me do EVERYTHING" is not the best way to ask for help.

  6. Oh, this made me cringe a little. I resent my husband so many mornings b/c I'm getting 3 boys plus me ready and he's just gettng himself ready.

    This morning, I told my oldest to go have Daddy help him fix his hair...and I heard my husband say, "I'm going to take a shower." I freaked out and yelled "And I'm getting THREE kids ready!!!!"

  7. That was so sweet!!! What a good man!

  8. You had a Little Red Hen moment. I wonder why we're wired this way. It shouldn't be so hard to ask for what we need!

  9. Ha! This is great. I love the way you write. I always feel like I'm reading a good book when you tell your life stories. You are so entertaining! I would have been pissed! Good for you for being so understanding. So cute..."all you have to do is ask". :)

    I want to be hot in my forties too! This is a good goal! :)

  10. Oh girl! I can relate. I was getting super frustrated because I couldn't get everything done. And I just asked, and my dear husband washed my dishes! It was lovely, and so easy.

  11. You speak the truth! I'm so unfair when I'm cranky. I TOTALLY expect hubbins to read my mind and then I say to myself, "if he LOVED me he'd know this." Ha! I'm such a dorkl.

  12. I think I need to start doing that too. I forget mine can't read my mind either and then I get grumpy and we argue over something silly that has nothing to do with what I'm actually upset about. Thanks for the reminder.


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