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Monday, March 28, 2011

Indecently Eroded

Thanks to all of you who remembered who I was and commented on my posts after my unexpected hiatus.  However, I wasn't greeted with quite the fanfare I had hoped for.  As a result I am resorting to smut to get recognized.

Don't worry I called my mom and told her not to read my blog today.  (So maybe I will cuss too just to up the smut factor.)

While we were climbing Enchanted Rock over Spring Break my dad walked over chuckling and urged me to take this picture to share with The Coach.

Because of my undying devotion to entertaining you I thought I would make it available to you as well.

The maturity level of this blog has just dropped considerably!! 

Seen anything fun lately?


  1. Love the picture, of and don't worry about the maturity level, I can't even tell kids to but a blue playground ball away because it is a blue ball.

  2. We just bought a little race car at Disney for our son Calvin that looks a lot like that picture....I didn't even realize it until we brought it home and took it out of the package.

  3. lol.... awww that made me smile....

  4. LOL, I had to look twice before I saw "it".

    that did make me smile on this gloomy, rain filled Monday morning :)

  5. Haha. Hey, Smut is my word of the year!!

  6. You realize I live in an all male house, right? So used to this stuff! LOL

  7. you'll get 20 comments on this post...

    You're a riot!

  8. I just started doing reviews of an online sex magazine. So. Yeah. I think your rock penis is totally fine and you'll receive no judgment from me. At least for today.

  9. This is almost as good as the book I found about the Skunk and HIs Junk! :)
    I'm so impressed about your Triathlon. I would love to try one someday.

  10. awesome. (giggle) kind of makes me wish I had seen it first. haha


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