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Thursday, March 24, 2011


 The answers to yesterdays quiz were C, B, C.  Ya'll think I am a mooch?  (You know me so well.)
Here are some of my favorite events from Spring Break
These are just in the order the pictures loaded.

1.  Shaye at the zoo.  She was so excited by the goats it was hard to chase her and get a picture.  This is the only time in the whole trip she wasn't busy eating all the snacks we packed.  (There is no escaping genetics, huh Gramma?)

 2. We enjoyed a Gospel Brunch in downtown Austin.  I didn't realize it music conference time, but still had fun on 6th street.  Ty HATED Sixth St.  I may have to break it to him that there is no point going to UT if he hates Austin.

 3.  Speaking of Ty...on our third day of vacation he caught this 41.5 pound catfish.  I am glad Tanner didn't
catch it as it would have pulled him overboard.

 4. This is the hen house at the working farm at LBJ national park.  My dad tried to collect some eggs and got pecked.  The children thought it was hilarious/scary.  The farm was really cool.  It is run like it was still 1896.  The rest of the park was LBJ's ranch.  It was also fun to hear about my dad's experiences on a wheat and dairy farm in Oklahoma as a small boy.

5. This is Enchanted Rock in Fredricksburg, Tx.  It is a .6 mile easy climb.  Very fun.   My dad and I took the oldest three kids on vacation as is our tradition every spring break.  The babies are too little and The Coach has baseball.  It is nice to get to spend some time with the big kids and Dad uninterrupted by poop, and crying.  (I still feel a little bad sometimes though.)

 This is the view from the bottom of Enchanted Rock.

 I think the reason they call it Enchanted Rock is because it makes brothers get along well enough to share the same rock without incident.  At least for a little while.

6.  Here are Dad and kids at the LBJ museum in Austin, Tx.  It wasn't the best museum I have ever been too, but I am still glad I went. 

  7.  Happy Shaye was introduced to Crunchberries.  She seems to like them.  Crunch berries are not a high fiber food.  Maybe this is what led to answer C to #3.  (Can you believe how big she is getting?)

8.  This is Tayte working on that five minute sunburn only paper white redheads can achieve.  I had just finished a 2.5 hour bike ride and Tayte asked me, "When you get done playing 'lay there' will you play chase with me?"   Instead I played "track coach"  it was awesome - until he thought it was his turn to be the coach and my turn to run.

In other news I also read a book.  I remember when I used to do that four or five times a week.  Luckily reading is like riding a bike and it is unlikely that a person would forget how.
I got a new pair of running shoes - Mizuno Wave Runners.  I thought that switching over from the Aisics I have worn forever might miraculously cure my leg problems.  We will see.
Have you had your Spring Break yet?  What did you do?  What was the best Spring Break you ever had??


  1. Spring Break is in a few weeks for us....we need to make some plans.
    I wish we could find an enchanted rock...or lots of them to line the driveway with....sounds wonderful.
    Sounds like you had a busy but great time.
    And that huge fish...awesome!

  2. We don't have spring break around here for a few more weeks. That catfish is huge!

  3. Spring Break... I'm jealous!!!!!!!That was the biggest catfish I've ever seen....!!!!!! Ugh my Spring break isn't until end of April.. I'm dying!!!

  4. Your dad sounds like he's a really fun guy, and it made me chuckle that the kids laughed at how he got pecked! What a cool set of memories you're making with your dad and kids on these trips.

  5. I'm pretty sure that in order to enjoy Sixth Street, you have to be incredibly drunk and under the age of 30 these days.

    Also. Holy crap that catfish is huge!

    Glad y'all had such a nice Spring Break!

  6. I cannot believe the size of that catfish!!!! OH. MY. GOODNESS!!!! That had to be one heck of a thrill and a half!!! Sheesh!

    Looks like that wasa great Spring Break. We vacuumed and folded laundry on our spring break. Not quite as exciting, I must say. We may have seen a movie, too. Hmmmm...not quite the same luster as yours...we may have to work on that next year... :)

  7. I still can't get over the catfish!!!!!

  8. LMAO at the "5 minute sunburn". I fall into that same category. Sweeeeet. Nothing more sexier then peeling skin.

    And I started my best spring break ever about 4 hours ago. :-)

  9. We don't have spring break here until the week before Easter. Last year for spring break, I kept trying to convince my four children that the things we were doing all week (which were low-cost and not that out of the ordinary) were adventures. The week ended up with many taglines, such as "adventure is getting lost," "adventure is messy," "adventure is tasty" and so on. Over time, they caught on and started having fun with it.

  10. Yay Austin! Pht...6th street is so played out, he can act all worldly and tell people he's so over 6th street. They'll be like "wow, this guy is too cool!"


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