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Thursday, March 3, 2011

I Want to Bite You

I picked Saige up the other day and I informed her she smelled like cookies.  She smelled like those cakey cookies with the fluffly pink icing on them.  The soft, melt in your mouth kind.  I love those.

It made me crave a cookie (or four).  BAD.  I was really jonesing.

I begged for her to give me her cookie. I cajoled.  I bribed.

She finally and firmly stated.  "I don't have a cookie!  But I also have been wanting a cookie ALL DAY."

Upon further investigation we discovered that her personal supply of hand sanitizer is called - I Love Cake.

I wanted to bite her.  Is that wrong?


  1. Nope. I nibble at Pie constantly :D

  2. Oh, now that is so funny! Hand sanitizer making you and Sagie crave cookies!

    Now I want a cookie :(

  3. No my kids lotion is milk and honey and I tell them all the time that I am going to eat them! At least you are only going to bite them.

  4. MMMMMM....those cookies are SO good!!


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