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Friday, March 4, 2011


It's like an alarm in my brain.

I keep telling myself I am going to have to come to terms with the fact I am turning forty this year.  Hopefully before the first race in April when they put a HUGE 40 on my calf in permanent marker.

Last night though I was at the Houston Rodeo with my two besties, P$ and Sarge.  We were all grooving along to some Sugarland.  (Sarge was grooving and popping Benadryl as apparently she is allergic to cows....finally ONE thing I am not allergic too and I can ridicule someone!)

We were all enjoying ourselves when we looked over and saw twenty-something guy with a red foam cowboy hat on getting down.  P$ dared me to go over and there and get down with him. I knew she wasn't serious because she didn't DOUBLE DOG DARE me. I considered it, but then realized he would think I was old.  I asked P$ how many times a day she realizes she is no longer 20.  She said, "Everytime I look in the mirror and wonder who that is."

It was funny and we laughed and talked about chin hairs and wrinkles and so forth. 

Really though.
There is NOTHING to come to terms with.

I wouldn't want to be twenty again for anything.  I do not want to repeat that part of my life.  I enjoyed it at the time, but I love where I am now.

I have a wonderful husband who takes care of me.  We have a lot of fun together.  I love being married to him.

We have five healthy and happy children.  AND I am done.  I don't have to think about being pregnant, or paying for another's sitter fees.  I occasionally long for a newborn, but really I am relieved and ready to train, vacation and work uniterrupted by childbirth.

My family is strange, but awesome.  I don't always understand my brothers, but we get along.  The tension of our twenties is over.  Maybe it is because we are old and have forgotten what we used to squabble about.  Maybe it is because they have finally bent to my will in many areas.................
My parents are the sweetest.  They enjoy thier grandkids and we have a great time together.

My friends know the real me.  How important is that?  It is exhausting to figure out who you are....which I did a lot of in my twenties.  I can hang with my friends and they know I am going to be too loud, I am going to do a bad running man when asked, and I am going to eat too much.  Although I always enjoy meeting new poeple I am not in a "find friends" mode.  If our schedules get busy and we got a month or so without seeing each other - we drop right back in where we left off.  No problem. (We can even have a friendly disagreement over Scotty McCreery on American Idol.)

So I have nothing against twenty years olds, but for me...there honestly isn't anything to come to terms with about turning forty.  I have some gray hairs and I have some wrinkles.  I wouldn't trade one laugh line to be younger.  I have spent good times (out in the sun) with great people. 

Now.....If I could get rid of that chin hair permanently I would be all for it!

How old are you and what is your "best" age so far?  I would like to know what makes it "the best".


  1. As I am moving towards 40, it does freak me out a bit. I am still in my early 30's but it does. I loved turning 30, but 40 freaks me out for some reason!

  2. I'm ... 34 or 35. I can't remember. Hold on while I calculate. Crap. This year I will be 36. (Calculating = calling my sister and asking 'how old are we?')

    Now...about Scotty...what did you argue about? Does someone not like him???

  3. I am 34 and am perfectly fine being in the 30's. I was relieved to turn 30 actually, because it seemed like a nice whole number, easier to remember than 28 or 29. And I like how old I am now, I agree, it's much better than back in my 20's. I kind of like that as I get older, I care less and less what other people think. I think that's a good thing....

  4. I am 30, almost 31. I fought turning 30 tooth and nail, and now I don't understand why. You could not pay me enough money to go back to 21. I agree with Kendra. As you get older, you care less about others' opinions. And that is a very good thing.

  5. My first digit on my calf will be a 5 this year.

  6. I'm 31 turning 32 this year. I'm totally cool with. I finally felt grown up when I got into my 30's. Assuming we own a house and aren't still living the "student lifestyle" I'll probably be okay with turning 40 too. Outside of a few wrinkles I now have, I don't miss my 20s.

  7. I'm only 30, but I've already learned that 20 year olds are annoying. We get better with age!

  8. You, my adorable girl, have it figured out! And early I might add.

    BTW - us 50-somethings have a hard time feeling the 40s pain. I LOVED my 40s! You really hit your stride during that time.

    And rock on little momma!

  9. All you need is a good pair of tweezer's hun and nobody will know a thing! :)
    You don't look anything close to 40 anyway, so you really should have gone up to the 20something with the red hat, because really, how often does someone get to say they danced with a red felt hat wearing guy!

  10. I gotta say, 50 is right there for me. I'm more than a little freaked out. Mostly those little gray hairs and wrinkles you aren't complaining about. Oh and my recently acquired muffin top I got since metopause.

  11. I don't miss my 20s, but I miss my body from my 20s.

  12. Im right behind you sister o mine in the age thingy.. but honestly I miss my 20s... drinking smoking tatoo bikini wearing self ..
    fiber eating.. baby bottle holding..
    girdle like ...granny underwear wearing old!!!!!

  13. Class of '89!

    I feel the same way you do, BTW. I'm plenty happy looking down the barrel of 40.

  14. Wow. I could have written most of that post. Except I don't turn 40 till December. So that means you are older than me. Nanny nanny boo boo.


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