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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

They Kill Me

I heard screaming the other night coming from Tayte's room. He rarely wakes up at night, I sprinted to his aid.
He was traumatized.
He has been sleeping in a small Buzz Lighyear tent on his floor every night since Christmas.
Sometimes the cat decides she wants in.

Through his tears me managed to tell me the cat had bit him and that she was mean. 
I asked him what he was doing when she attacked and he replied, "pulling those things on her head."  I finally determined he had pulled her ears. 

I tried to explain cats couldn't talk and so when they wanted to say, "stop"  or "For the love of God don't touch me, you brat!" they sometimes bite instead.
I asked him if he wanted me to ground her and he said, "No. If you do she will bite me again."

Then he asked, "Where is she so I can kick her?" 
I blame his older brothers who DON'T actually kick our cat.  They just fantasize about it.

His most humorous quote of the weekend though was this.
I was putting together the Happy Meal toy for him and in a very The Coach-like manner he nagged reminded me to, "Follow the erections, Mom."  

I always do..........................


  1. Follow the erections? LMAO!!!!

  2. Oh Good grief! LITERALLY laughing out loud!

    Mallory insisted that I spank our aging Pomeranian the other day! I guess she sees him as her fellow child!

  3. The erections will never steer you wrong. He's a smart kid!

  4. HA HA HA!!! This was a much needed post.

    (I'm worried for you know...your mom...)

  5. Oh good god that made me laugh!

  6. Thank you so much for the laughs... I really needed that. :)

  7. He's not developing a solid friendship with the cat. It needs more work.

    You always follow the erections? Good Lord woman, I don't. I need a freakin' break now and then. =;o

  8. Zing!

    I'm sorry the kid took a bite. But he's taking it like a man.

  9. (giggling) no comment, just a joyful smile! :)

  10. I love kid quotes! Piper has taken to telling me that she wants everything she see's on tv (toys, clothes, movies, etc). Calvin copies her most of the time but I don't think he really understands the game because the other morning after watching a commercial for greek yogurt he told me "I want that creamy yogurt!"

  11. Cracking up....I think you should ground the cat anyway!
    Too funny!

  12. Ha ha! My brother was trying to tell my mo that he needed new glasses and he wanted to be fancy and use the word spectacles so he said "Mom, I need some new testicles" My mom and her friend had a good laugh at his expense.


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