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Friday, February 11, 2011

You are my Favorite

A while back I read a post by Natalie at Raising Normal Kids.  It was a letter Erma Bombeck had written to each of her kids explaining why they were the favorite.  I like and therefore stole the idea.

Dear Kids,
From time to time you ask me who is ”my favorite”. If I am alone with you….then you are! But the truth is I do have a favorite.

Ty – You are my favorite because you are the first. Everything you do is new and exciting. You have put up with the most diligent and overprotective parents in the world. You have been pushed, sometimes subtly and sometimes forcibly, to do what we think you should be doing, and you have done it with a dimply smile. You are sometimes another "parent" at our house. There were many times when I was single you were the closet person to an adult I would talk to all day.  I love you the most for your helpfulness – you are the only one in the family who can reach the top shelf of the kitchen cabinets!

Tanner – You are my favorite because you are the peace-keeping middle child. You coined the phrase, "Can we just share because I really don't feel like picking up dog crap today."  You have carved out a niche for yourself by doing everything crazier and funnier than your brother before you. Thanks for not letting things get old. You are my favorite because you have the least drama out of the kids and you always make me laugh.  You are stable and even. I love you because you are quick with a hug and a smile and always try to sit your freckle face next to me on the couch…even if there is only an inch of space.

Saige – You are my favorite because you were the only girl for seven years. I love you because you have the best name, Saige September.  You are my ally. You are my dance partner during Dancing With the Stars and you keep me company when everyone else is watching football and I want to watch Toddlers and Tiaras. You are the “Little Momma”. You are always willing to help. You are the only one of the kids who buys me trinkets and makes me cards for ALL the holidays.  You went from being the youngest and the only girl to the middlest sister with a deceiving grace. I know it has not been as easy as you make it seem.

Tayte – You are my favorite because you represent a fresh start. You are a delightful "mascot" to be enjoyed after the chaos of three kids in five years. The six year gap between you and your older siblings gave me a second chance to enjoy you armed with the knowledge of how quickly time passes. You are the sweetest and most compliant child I have ever met. I love you because the worst punishment you can ever think of when we are playing bad guys is that I will have "no more family". I love you the most because you have red hair. (Being the one kid out of five with my green eyes doesn't hurt either.)

Shaye Baby – You are my favorite because you are an indulgence. I can laugh at your antics because I know it won’t “ruin” you. I love the way you march around the house as if you are just as big as your siblings. There is a mischievous twinkle in your eye. You are sassy and ornery.  I admire the way you take up for yourself.  You will keep me young. I love you the most because you will still be here when all the others have left to go to college and start their own families.
Your Favorite Mom

(If this sounds familiar it is because it is also what I wrote to be featured on Mommy Monologues.)


  1. Five kids is a lot, nice to know there is enought of you to go around.

  2. Oh, this was just so beautiful. I only have three, but I can seem pieces of my girls in your words. How very, very sweet. Your children are lucky, indeed.

  3. Oh my, my ovaries are aching right now! That is so sweet.... sniff sniff.

  4. You gave each one of them some funny and loving reasons. This was adorable!

  5. Cute! Is it weird for me to pick a favorite of your kids? I pick Tayte. But I always pick the redhead. :) Maybe one day I'll get one too...

  6. What a great idea: making each your favorite.

  7. I agree! Both of my girls are my favorites for their own reasons, too!

  8. Ahh Heather! What a precious post this is! Just beautiful!

  9. This is so sweet. I loved reading it! You're a great mom!

  10. Awesome post Heather! Five kids, who does that? ;-)

    I know what you mean though—they are all special in their own way. We have a set of twins and their personalities are nothing alike. Enjoy your kiddos!


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