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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Resolutions Revisited

My New Year's resolution was to "Be Better"  That was a great idea.   I didn't have to name specifics like: losing ten pounds, eating more broccoli, reading the whole Old Testament while crocheting a blanket and teaching the kids French.
For the last few weeks I have contemplated writing a post about how that resolution has worked out.  I was going to tell you how I had:
Caught up on grading.
Made curtains for my bedroom.
Stopped telling my students I was going to stab my own eyeball out with a freshly sharpened pencil to avoid spending time with them.
Created a surplus of exciting and brilliant blog posts.
Started running 8 minute miles
Grown long and luxurious silky naturally blond hair.

I kept putting that post off though.  Everyday I kept thinking that if I waited a bit longer I would have improved at SOMETHING and then I would not have to admit the truth.

I don't know the difference between the Knights of Labor and the Rockettes.
I have been drinking a lot of wine.
Insomnia patients have been using my blog as a miracle cure.
The best parent/teacher communication I have with my own kids' teachers is that one of them reads my blog.
I got a 47 on Tanner's inhabitable planet project.
More minutes have been frittered away at this house playing Bejeweled than I feel comfortable admitting.

It's not my fault.
It's February.
All my life I have hated February.  It's cold. It is 19.  In Houston.  I cannot remember it being this cold her my entire life. My brain is frozen.
I have bad luck in February.
And then there is Valentine's Day.
I have no problem with the day now.  My husband is a great Valentine every day of the year.  (Cheese alert.)
I used to regularly get dumped around V-Day though.
And I had such a supportive family they all used to help out, by laughing at me, ridiculing me and telling me there was always next year - with love of course.

So, in conclusion., I will admit - I suck.
But it is temporary.  I will be back to my usual gregarious, dogmatic, hippy chick self..............
March 1.


  1. And you know what? We love you just the way you are.

  2. February is hard. Even though it's the shortest month, it always feels the longest to me.

    And you've improved...your wine consumption. :)

  3. I was shopping with my 11 year old daughter yesterday and saw the cutest painted wineglass that said "mommy's lil helper". She said I should buy it since wine helps me be a better mommy.

  4. Gosh, I did it again...I got behind on your gloriously wonderful (not sure if that is proper grammar) and funny blog that makes me oh so happy. :( Congrats on hiring a coach! your race picture made me laugh but only because you are making fun of yourself. And I laughed out loud in this one...I was always going to the teacher next door to mine pretending to poke my eyes out with a sharp pencil when I had the remedial math with behavior problems all rolled into one. Ahhhh! Poor kids. Congrats on your 47 on your son's project. Ha, this morning I woke up and my husband had just filled out my kinder's science fair proposal (optional in kinder). They are going to do it "together" so I was expecting a question like "Will this float?" or "What kind of bouncy ball will bounce the highest?" Right? Well my husband had it all written out (he is an electrical engineer and loves doing science with them). Anyway, his question for them was something like "Can food help to power things that need batteries or electricity to work? Hypothesis: supposed to be her words: "Yes, I think that since food is energy in the form of calories then it will power things such as a light". What?! As a teacher, I had to put an end to this right away! We will be doing bouncy balls. :)

  5. Oh - but I LOVE your blog! Seriously! Don't change a thing. Love you the way you are. How's THAT for cheese factor?

  6. Spring is in the air. You'll be back in your happy bubble before you know it.

  7. You so do not suck. In fact: "Heather's Mom! I think you need to ground her for saying she sucked!" There. That should do the trick.

  8. I'm with you, girlie! And the 2 feet of snow on the ground, along with sub-zero temperatures, in Tulsa is NOT helping! I think March 1st is a much better date for resolutions! :)

    Insomnia patients have been using my blog as a miracle cure. --- heh heh heh ... still giggling! At least your wit is intact!

  9. I always got broken up with around my birthday, which is right before Christmas.

    I think everything should be blamed on this stupid weather. I hate the cold.

  10. LOL!!! I feel the same way.

  11. I'm a big righteous puddle of funk at this time of year too! You're not alone.

  12. February sucks. It just does!

    You're great though. Seriously great.


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