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Thursday, February 24, 2011


So here is an example of the new and improved workouts I am doing.  Understand just the plan is new and improved.  My execution of it is not.  My coach sends  the plan to me via email and I workout and then reply back with my progress. 
Here is an example.

Workout:  Run really fast for a mile.  Right before you pass out/throw up/die run faster for three minutes.  Do this three times with thirty whole seconds of rest in between.  If you can carry on a conversation, feel your legs, or remember your name you are not working hard enough.  

Reply:  I tried to do the workout.  One the second interval I passed out/threw up/almost died.  I think there is a certain amount of oxygen twhich must get to one's brain in order for them to remember why they are paying you to torture them.  I wiped the puke off of my shirt then tried to soldier on.  I had to crawl the last set, but I did it as fast as I could.  I have been asked to find a new track.

His response:  Good Job!

Ok.  His more exact words to me were this:  Most people could run faster if they would get out of their comfort zone and accept the fact that running fast is more than uncomfortable - it hurts.  He went on to claim that the average triathlete competing in a sprint or Olympic distance race could run hard for 3-6 miles in pain. 
I called BS on this and pointed out all the graceful people at the track gliding by at a respectable speed. He said they were used to making the most of the discomfort. 
I am not sure, but I think he was calling me a wimp. 

I was looking forward to my track workout last night...thinking there was only room for improvement.  Three phone calls from Ty and one bathroom trip with Saige later...I gave up.  New arrangements will be made on Wednesday nights.

I would like to hear from the following groups of people.
Fast people - Are you in pain when you run?  Have you gotten faster over the last few years?
Slow people like me - Do you ever have the almost uncontrollable urge to trip fast people? :)
Non-runners - Do you wish I would write about something else??


  1. I am not a fast runner and would like to trip people who do run fast and unfriend my friends on FB who tell me about their fast running times! (okay that was mean, I am happy they can run fast)
    I am at the point of trying to choose if my races that I have coming up in the spring/summer are races that I just want to finish or actually try to finish at a "fast for me" pace....

  2. I like to trip people- one in particular

  3. pretty much hurt the entire time. I was a 400m hurdler in college...ouch! It kind of sucks...the pain I mean. And I trained for a 1/2 marathon through the summer. I thought I was going to die on about every single long run.

  4. When I ran track, I definitely was hurting. I t was uncomfortable but I sort of got used to it. Sort of.
    Now when I run, I am lazy and never push my body to pain levels. Never.

  5. I am so not a runner. I'm barely a walker. And my question would be why would you want to run fast unless some hideous beast from the dark side was chasing you round the track? In that situation I would think a certain amount of pain a small price to pay to escape with one's life. Otherwise, pain is bad! lol

  6. I've been working out for years. I do lots of stuff. But I have to say, while I can bust ass, I've never induced vomiting.

    You're giving me a conscience.

  7. I am a non runner but a secret wannabe runner. You inspire me! Don't stop writing about it!

  8. There has been some pretty impressive body of research validating this type of training. My only concern is that if one doesn't have a solid fintess base one is risking serious injury.


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