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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Original Title Sounded Dirty

The Coach can't resist a girl scout with a cookie order form.

He has so far ordered:
from Sarge's daughter - 18 boxes
from P$'s daughter     - 9

This in itself could have caused a friendly tension if they didn't know already he is nuts.  (Coach, next year how about ordering 15 from each?????)

He also ordered:
6 from Saigie's friend in the neighborhood
3 from the daughter of my co-worker.


He claims he bought this amount because there are seven of us, BUT he doesn't even keep the cookies in the pantry.  He keeps them in the bedroom on his side of the bed.  The kids have to barter their firstborn to get some. It is not like he wants to share.

Luckily for me I am allergic to most of the boxes he ordered.
How about you? How many cookies did ya order?  Which kind is your favorite. you think it is a government conspiracy that these cookies come out mere weeks after most people resolved to eat better, lose weight, and stop stalking?  (Oh wait..that last one was just me.)


  1. Love Samoas and Tagalongs. Though I did just see a recipe for a cake using Thin Mints that I might have to try :)

  2. Our only options are the chocolate covered mint patties (Awesome from the freezer!) and the standard-so-yummy-I-would-give-up-my-first-born chocolate vanilla combos. (and might I add the white oreos taste just like!)

  3. LOL>>> barter their first born.....LOL..... I love those things too.. (ill admit i hide Samoas)

  4. Where are the GS! I need cookies! No one at work has a Girl Scout. Boo.

  5. LOL Love it! I do wish they still went door to door. Nothing beats the instant gratification of cash to cookies, no waiting!

  6. I love me some GSC but, I made it so far free and clear. hubs started a diet so he didn't buy any and well, I dodged all my students who ask!

  7. Girls Scout Cookies are evil. Evil.

    I bought 14 boxes.

  8. I think we got 3, maybe 4. I really don't like the cookies. I think they were better back in the day. Obviously, Coach doesn't mind!

  9. I agree with Big Fat Gini. They are evil incarnate. That having been said, my favorite is the chocolate, coconut, caramel concoction - are those the Samoas?

  10. We didn't order any! Though, I did buy from the Girl Scouts selling outside of Walmart. And Target.

    I like the samoas(which are called caramel delites down here- what the heck?) and then the pb sandwich cookies.

  11. Thin-mints, all the way.

    I eat them a row at a time.

  12. I totally steer clear of those girls. They're nothing but trouble!

  13. Luckily for me, I have no access to Girl Scouts! I have ZERO will power and would eat every cookie in my house if I bought some of those delicious Girl Scout cookies!


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