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Friday, February 25, 2011


They are like bubbles.  They are hard to catch.

Have you ever had a really good idea for a blog and forgot it.

I did.

This morning on the way to school I thought of the coolest idea for a post.  Really.  It was going to catapult me right into fame. And change the world.

I forgot it.

Was it about traffic?
breakfast food?
my bike precariously propped up on a toolbox to simulate a hill this morning?
how to get pee out of a sleeping bag? (Not my case you were curious.)
my cool shoes?
cinnamon coffee?

I don't remember, and it is driving me crazy.
So...if you would just send some of your good post ideas my way I would really appreciate it. 

Really. Go.........get sending.


  1. I do that constantly. Even worse I have post-its all over the place with the really obscure phrases on them that were apparently supposed to help me remember. But who knows what exactly I mean by 'bathroom - MPD'?!

  2. I have a HUGE problem of ideas coming to me when I'm in/near water! I totally get your frustration!

  3. Gah...I hate when that happens. I was laying in the tub not so long ago (yes I shower every day) and had all these grand ideas pop into my head and by time I got out...**poof** they were gone.

  4. you don't need any help in good're awesome just posting about how you forgot your blog post. ;)

  5. Oy, I did the same thing this morning and then I got side tracked when I got in my office and puff, away goes the idea!

  6. I have to write them down because I forget too.

  7. I swear I'm going to get one of those little tiny tape recorders and wear it around my neck!! That way when inspiration strikes, I can leave myself voice mail!

  8. I keep a notebook to write down my awesome ideas. You'll note that I'm very famous because of it.

    Humor me.

  9. How 'bout a post about how you had a great post idea to catapult you to fame but you completely forgot what it was about by the time you got home?...I think that would really work! :)'ll come back to you.

  10. I hate it when this happens to me. I practically write the whole post in my head, then I blink and it's gone. I carry around a journal to write down ideas in, but it doesn't help. It's never as funny when I type it in.

  11. I started carrying a little notebook in my purse. It's certainly helped some. But now I have 3, one for blogs, one for school and one for I can't remember.

  12. I feel this pain for you! That's the worst. Do you watch Mad Men? There is a great episode regarding this. Makes you laugh and cringe all at the same time.


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