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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It's a Wonder

In honor of my older brother, Guns, 44th birthday my mom posted a couple of pictures of him on Facebook as a little boy.
Here is one of them.
Happy Birthday.

O.K.  I am officially done talking about my brother's birthday. (What?  That brother doesn't read my blog.  He is too busy shooting stuff.)
Now I would like to discuss this picture.

First.  I always thought that Donald Duck ride-on toy belonged to Brother With No Nickname who is two years younger than me.  Obviously at some point in my early childhood Donald was stolen from me and no one stepped in to correct this injustice.  All my life I have felt something was missing...............

Second.  I look like I am wearing a coat made of my brother's Shetland pony who used to bite.  Which is definitely bad fashion and furthermore I would be willing to bet I was allergic to the creature as well.  

Next.  I didn't notice it upon first glance, but my brother, Guns, is carrying a WEAPON very close to my head.  Now I realize this was the good ol' days back in the 70's when car seats didn't exist and no one wore a bike helmet.  Nobody cared back then how much McDonald's a kid ate,  but doesn't toting a shotgun near your baby sister's head seem a little foolhardy...even for Texas.

Hey!  IS that a beer I see in his little red wagon? 
It is a wonder I survived my toddlerhood!!   My kids aren't even allowed to carry a pocket knife.

 I am not even IN this picture.  I was probably at the ER.

PS.  Wasn't "Guns" the perfect nickname for my big brother. little brother would like from now on to be referred to as Uncle Bachelor.  What do you think?


  1. These are great! I love old pictures. :) Stability shoes I guess are for people who overpronate and need some more support I guess...I'm just learning myself. I'd like to try out some more neutral shoes but I guess that probably isn't so smart since what I have is working for me...I don't know. we shall see...I'll keep you updated!

  2. No wonder you're traumatized. Someone stole your Donald Duck toy AND carried weapons in close proximity to your head!

    Happy Birthday to your brother!

  3. Ahhh, the good old days! I think I had that same duck mobile.

  4. The things our parents did to us! I'm always amazed we survived -- sparklers? Uhm, hello large matches being waved around by unsteady children. Those 'snakes' we used to light on fire and watch 'grow'? to use?? I was like 10, but OMG. Not gonna happen. And yet, here we are!

  5. And I'll bet you didn't even wear a seatbelt! Sheesh! (My kids can't believe the things our parents did to us!)

  6. I'm amused that "Guns" is holding a gun. It does seem like an appropriate name!

  7. You are very creative ... and lucky to be alive! :) Happy birthday, Guns!

  8. And here I thought 'guns' referred to his massive biceps. I well remember those days we all flopped around in the back seat. My how times have changed.

  9. I burst out laughing at "I was probably in the ER."


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