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Friday, February 18, 2011

Fall Upstairs, or In Love

No problem that Valentine's is over.  If you were hoping to fall in love this year here are some things to be on the look out for.

These particular signs come courtesy of The Book of Love, a new title from Chronicle Book. These are signs that you are going to fall in love this year. 

1. If you stumble while climbing a flight of stairs.
**Well I am always tripping up stairs so I guess I will fall in love multiple times.  As long as at least half of those times I am falling in love with The Coach I guess I am good.

2. If you see stockings hanging on a washing line curl around each other.
**I do not own stockings, or a washing line. Tough luck for me.

3. If you hear a bird call from the east.
**Good Grief.  I will only be able to figure out if it is from the east if it is early in the morning. If I am up and listening for a bird at that time then something is wrong and my beloved should have already taken care of it.

4. If you find bubbles floating in your non-carbonated drink. If the bubbles touch the rim, wealth is coming, too! 
**I have to start drinking more iced tea so I can be wealthy.  I like my tea sweet sometimes so I will need the money to pay for future fillings.

5. If a man wipes his hands on your apron he'll soon fall in love with you. (You can't trick him into doing this; he must do it on his own.)
**If a man is wiping his hands on my apron then he darn well better already love me! I don't like for people to be within touching distance!  Do people still wear aprons?

6. If two spoons are placed by accident on one saucer, the person using the saucer will be married within one year.
**I don't use saucers.  But if you do, you should leave extra spoons lying around.

7. This last sign is really a ritual. On April 23 (St. George's Day), go into a field with at least four other single women and one white dog. Blindfold the dog and fan out into a circle equidistant from the animal. The first woman touched by the dog will be married within the year.
**My dog is yellow.  I don't know how she will feel about some highlights. Luckily since I am already in love I won't have to find out.  If you feel like getting together with some friends and trying to this out please let me know two things. 
#1 How much wine is consumed.
#2 How it turns out.

So there you have it.  Just my little public service in hopes that everyone will fall in love with someone equally as awesome as The Coach!! Have fun.


  1. Good gracious! That's a HOOT! Some of those cranky (single) V-Day hater-girls should buy that book! :)

  2. I wish I had had these tips years ago!

  3. Ok, that is hilarious! I would really like to watch the dog one - could you imagine the YouTube video for that?

  4. I don't even have stairs, I live in a ranch house. Thank goodness I'm already married.

  5. OMG to the last one! And now I'm always looking at my un-carbonated drinks.

  6. After reading #4, I'll be shaking my water glass and probably making myself get a case of the burps. Hopefully, I'll be rewarded with wealth to compensate me for all the trouble.

  7. seriously girl! You crack ME UP! I don't laugh out loud very often at things I watch on t.v or read ...I usually just laugh at myself but you, you make me laugh. I especially love the bird comment on this. :) Thank you.

  8. Coulda shoulda but didn't...
    So glad you have hearts in your eyes at the sight of the Coach!

  9. lol..... you kill

  10. Your comment about the wine almost made me spit out my coffee while laughing!

    This is a hoot! You crack me up, girl! Great post! I can always count on you to entertain me! ;)

  11. I fell up the stairs the morning of my wedding, bruised my leg too, does that mean we are meant to be? (it has to mean something, OH YEAH I AM CLUMSEY)

  12. Well according to #1 my dog's about to get a girlfriend.


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